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Saturday, February 14, 2004

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Happy Valentine's Day! Here is a very cute page that was sent to me. This page is so disgustingly adorable I can't help but smile every time I see it.
Now a long paragraph about the last 24 or so hours. Girl-N is sick and is coughing away in the bedroom. Her eyes are sore so I am hoping she doesn't have an eye infection. Poor little thing sure gets sick a lot. Watched the Canuck's lose yet again. Damn! Some days they are so incredible and others they just to terrible. Still always a great game to watch though. Going to K#vin's place tonight for Valentine's Day and the kids are staying at my mom and dad's.
Oh this warrants a new paragraph. I finally stood up to the kid's dad about his constant lateness. This BS has been going on for 17 years (since we have been dating). He is always late and never gives a phone call. Last night I told him that if I had a place to go I would just leave and take the kids with me. He got mad and said if I didn't like it I could drop them off and I said "I don't like it and I will be taking them with me." I told him that I didn't like the fact that he tried to put the blame back on me. I walked away shaking and was feeling terrible about it later but honestly I shouldn't have to wait for him from anywhere from 10 - 45 minutes. I told him I will wait 10 minutes but wont be waiting anymore. I feel 10 minutes is fair to give time for traffic and just generally running late and stuff. Boy oh boy I hate confrontation and standing up to people. I always feel like the bitch of the century but I am tired of being the doormat of the century. I hope this gets him to be on time or very least a phone call. Am I asking to much because I sure feel like a scag.
I do believe I shall go back to bed. It isn't even 5:00 yet. Just got up to say goodbye to K#vin. Will probably write more later.


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