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Saturday, February 21, 2004

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It was my birthday yesterday (33) and I had such a great time. Went out for dinner with girl-N, boy-W and K#vin. For my birthday K#vin told me he is taking me to Ontario in June. I am going to meet his family! This is serious stuff. He has never brought someone home to meet the family. I can't wait but am scared at the same time. What if they hate me? K#vin says there is no chance of that but if they do it doesn't matter.
Cute story: Girl-N told me last night that she had a dream that "you got me a baby sister". I decided this would be a good opportunity to find out just what she knows so I asked he how I would do that. She told me I would need to go to the doctor. Apparently the doctor puts the baby in. I asked her how the baby gets out and she said "I don't know but I am pretty sure you need to go to the stitch store" (her word for hospital after she got stitches. It is too cute to tell her the real name).

Now for the good stuff. K#vin told me this morning that he loved me. We were laying in bed before he went for work and he looks down and me and told me. This is the first time he said it. I was so happy I almost started to cry but I just gave him a big hug instead. I am so very happy.


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