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Friday, February 13, 2004

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Rant time!
Well damn it all to hell anyway! What the hell is wrong with people? Is it a BAD thing that I am the happiest I ever remember being in my life and people feel they need to bring me down a peg or two? Can they not handle that something good is finally happening to me? I have a child with a serious genetic disease, my condo was leaky when I bought it and had to declare bankruptcy, had 2 deaths of 2 people I loved with all my heart within a year of each other and I went through a divorce. I have had my share of fvcking misery so why can't people say "I am so happy for you!" I tell them about how happy I am since I met K#vin and what a wonderful man he is. I tell them he treats me like a queen. Their response..."I hate to be the devil's advocate..." then go off on some stupid thing like I have dated jerks in the past and he will be one too. I don't want to hear that these people love me and have my best interest at heart! Fvck that! Do they think I am total fvcking moron and I wont watch for the red flags? Last night I was talking to a friend who went on for about 30 minutes about how this is all wrong and he has never even met K#vin! He only knows him from what I told him and it has all been good things. It is like if they can't be happy I shouldn't be. Is this some psychological thing people do? Anyway, rant over. I definitely filled my quota for curse words here.
Wait...I have another rant. I am classroom mom for boy-W's class. It is my job to inform other parents of activities and get them to help. I also buy the Christmas, birthday and end of the year gifts for the teacher and the parents pay me back. Do you think I have had ONE parent ask to help? I bought the Christmas present and only 4 parents paid me back! Today (Valentine's Day) I had to buy cupcakes and juice. That is fine I don't mind that but then the teacher asks me to buy stuff for the kids with allergies too! Is it just me or should the parents of these kids be doing this? I know if it was my child I would send food along that they could eat. So not only do I have to pay for presents, food and juice I am buying freaking non-allergy food too and nobody gives me a fvcking cent or a thank you! What the hell? It isn't about the money. Suffice it to say I will not be classroom mom next year!
Well I am in a fine bloody mood aren't I?
Good things happening today...My mom and I are going out for lunch and K#vin the Spectacular is staying overnight again. I called him all upset about rant #1 and he said he will cheer me up when he gets here. Hee hee. What a guy.

More questions I do not have the answer to:
~How long will tree frogs live in an aquarium because boy-W caught some in the spring last year and wanted them as pets. Being the pushover parent that I am I said yes and now 10 months later they are still alive and I buy these crickets that chirp all night long. I don't have the heart to let them go because they will either die from exposure or from starvation because they don't know how to look for their own food. Am I totally whacked to care that much about 3 tree frogs? If I see tadpoles swimming around you will hear about it.
~Is it wrong to be this happy?


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