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Friday, February 13, 2004

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Went out for lunch with my mom after spending an hour and a half in the optical place while she got new glasses. There is only so many times you can try on glasses out of boredom before you try to find a place to fall asleep. Finally after a long gruelling time we left and went out for lunch and had a great talk.
Cool thing that happened today. After school I went to boy-W's class to pick him up and about 5 minutes later the mom and dad of one of the boy's in his class came along with a video camera. They walked up to their son and said "Mark would you like to go to Disneyland?" of course he said yes then the mom says "Do you want to go right now?" Of course the kid said yes then his mom said "Get your things because we are going!" The kid's eyes practically popped out of his head and he stood there with his mouth open. He couldn't contain himself and started freaking out. His mom started crying then I started crying because she was crying. It is so cool. This little guys dad died of cancer when he was 3 and the mom remarried to this really nice guy. They are all so happy together. I am happy for them. They deserve it. :-)
Kids came home with 50 million Valentine's Day cards that are now all spread all over the computer desk. I just remembered there is something I am supposed to remember today but I can't remember what it is. If I remember I will be sure to write it down.
I can't seem to get these links to work but this is a funny site. This guy was the worlds worst poet.


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