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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

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As I sit here thinking about the post from yesterday I think the student must have been a special ed. kid to write that terribly. I will continue to read his blog to see if my presumptions are correct. If he is indeed just an idiot it will be "grate" fun reading!
Going to the doctor today. I finally made an appointment. I don't get to see my doctor which makes going to the doctor worse. I always feel like a hypochondriac so I put off going.
Update on post about my kids and there constant reminders when getting ready for school. All I did this morning was wake them up. They were totally with it. The only reminder was for Girl-N. I asked her if she wanted to wear a coat today. She was trying really hard to remember and do everything in time so I felt one reminder was ok. Other than that they were both ready to go to school at 8:15. Both clothed, fed with lunch and homework in hand. I hope this lasts but as I said yesterday, it will take one time of going to school in pajamas and it will never happen again. Unless you are Bobbie...
Bobbie was a kid I went to school with 28 years ago. I am not quite sure what he had going on in his head but this kid would forget to wear shoes home. You would see him walking home in the pouring rain in just his socks. He was an odd little kid. He also used to lay on his stomach on his desk and spin in circles. Yes, he ate paste too. I think his mom and dad must have had to buy it in bulk because he ate it every time there was art class. I remember him eating paper too. But I digress. The kids did very well this morning.
Y'all have a terrific day!


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