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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

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As a mom, I have no idea how a parent would not die from a broken heart after discovering your child had been abducted from her home while they slept then to be discovered dead 5 months later. This is what happened to an Ontario family.
Cecilia was a beautiful 9 year old girl that went missing from her home back in November. There was no apparent motive and no ransom requested. Gone! You get up in the morning, go to wake your child to discover she had been taken while you were sleeping. How do you continue on with your day? I can't imagine the hysteria. I only know that horrific panicked feeling when either one of my children disappears from my sight for a moment. How do they sleep the nights following knowing only God knows what despicable act is being done to your daughter?
How do you accept the police knocking on your door 5 months later and telling you that your child is dead? I only know I would wish I could die but I must continue to live for the sake of my other child. I do know a parent's heart can never recover from losing a child in this way.
I question at this time why God would allow this? If we praise Him for the blessings in our lives where does He fit into this? I question how another human could take a child from her home and murder her. I do not believe there is any love in people that do this. I will not go into the punishment I think they deserve but only that death is too good for people such as this.
I have no answers tonight. Every time I see her face flashed across the news my heart breaks and I can not stop the tears and the grief I am feeling. The only thing I can do is tuck my children in, kiss their heads as they sleep and allow the overwhelming love to flow in my heart. Though I question where God is in this, I will thank Him for the honour and privilege of having those two beautiful children to be a part of my life. All I can do is pray that Cecilia's family draws strength from the love that has poured in from people. It is this that keeps me going, the thought that the love in this world is still much stronger than the evil that took Cecilia.


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