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Monday, March 15, 2004

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Do you ever wake up pissed off at everything? That is how I feel this morning. I think it started yesterday which I will get to in a moment.
The alarm goes off this morning and I call boy-W to get up. I wanted to lay in bed for a bit and accidentally fell asleep. I woke up ten minutes later to Boy-W in front of the T.V. I asked if he had eaten. No, he hadn't he "forgot". Here is the deal, with both my kids I have to give detailed instructions for everything and frankly I am tired of it. This is how the morning goes. Time to get up, go get dressed. Go get yourself some breakfast. Do you have your homework? Brush your teeth. Comb your hair. Put on your boots. Put on your coat. Anyway you get the point. After school. Hang up your coat. Put your boots away. Put your lunch bag on the counter. Put homework on my desk. Hang up backpack. Well this morning I flipped! I told both kids that if they didn't do what needed to be done every morning we would leave at 8:15 whether they were ready or not. If they don't get dressed with out me telling them they can go in their pajamas. If their lunch bags don't make it to the counter the night before they wont eat lunch the next day. If homework doesn't get to my desk (where we do it together) they will have to deal with the consequences at school. I feel both kids are old enough to know to do these simple things in the morning and after school and I am only allowing irresponsiblity if I continue the "reminders". I figure it will only take one day of going to school in their pajamas to make them never forget to get dressed. They will only have to go hungry one time and they will make sure the lunch bags end up on the counter. Am I being too harsh? Interested in what other mom and dad's think.

Found out my Nana has Cancer all over her body and they can't do anything for her now. I want her to be here forever. She has always been the cool grandparent. She smoked and painted her nails bright red and you could talk to her about s#x. She stopped smoking about 6 years ago but about 50 years too late. Anyway, this is making me cry so next subject.
Didn't make it to the Bug Zoo and I-MAX today as I said last week. Decided to make it next Monday instead for reasons of finance. Good thing I didn't tell the kids after all.
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