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Thursday, March 25, 2004

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Girl-N and Boy-W were playing in the other room when I heard Girl-N scream and start to cry. Being the diligent Mama I am I ignored it. It wasn't one of those real cries. You mom's will know the "If I cry loud and hard enough I will get my brother in trouble" cry. This went on for a few minutes so she decided to bring her mournful wails closer to me so I could hear. She is standing right beside me. I look over at her and ask her why she is crying. She screams "I fell down and broke my crown!" (more crying) I tried very, very hard not to laugh but evil mom got the better of me. She was staring at me (still crying) wondering why in the hell I am laughing so hard and I try to explain the Jack and Jill thing. She stares at me like I am off my rocker. She cries harder and says "No! I fell down and broke my crown!" and runs off to the bedroom to get her tiara! She wasn't talking about hitting her head, she had indeed broken her toy princess crown. What could I do but laugh harder and tell her I would get her a new one.


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