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Friday, March 05, 2004

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I am sick. It serves me right because I knew I was getting a UTI (urinary tract infection) but I ignored the symptoms. After boy-W was born I got a nasty UTI/kidney infection from the catheter. I was feeling lousy so I went to my doctor who ordered a urinalysis. The lab lost it. The doctor ordered another so I went to a different lab. They lost it! By this time I had a temp of 40 C and was hallucinating. My mom called the doctor because I wasn't responding when she spoke to me so she took me to the E.R. It had gone into my kidneys and my kidneys were shutting down. The doctor told my mom that in another 12 hours I could have died. Anyway, I was admitted to the hospital and put on IV antibiotics. Ever since then I seem to get UTI's easily. When I was feeling lousy this week I thought if I drank lost of water and cranberry juice and rested it would go away. I went to the doctor today on a different matter and I mentioned that I may have "a little bladder infection". He sends me for a spec. and comes back shaking his head at me. Oops. He said I don't have a little bladder infection and that I had a massive one. He told me the numbers were off the charts. He gave me a little talking to and prescribed antibiotics. So I learned my lesson. From now on when I know I am getting one I will go to the doctor right away. I just hate taking unnecessary antibiotics ya know? According to the doctor I will likely get lots of them because the first one was so bad.Yes, I could go to the stupid hall of fame for not taking better care of myself.
What else is new? I fall in love with K#vin more and more everyday and I marvel that he is in my life. He came for supper tonight and I never even considered that I wouldn't be making it. Yes, I am in pain and have a fever. With my ex I just continued taking care of things no matter how crappy I felt. Even with the first bladder infection my mom came. Well #evin comes tonight and got mad at me for not telling him that I had been feeling crappy the last few days and forced me lay down on the couch while he made supper. What did I ever do to deserve to be treated so well? It makes me dreadfully uncomfortable at times but I am learning that he loves me and this is all good.
Have yet another birthday party tomorrow. Call me cheap but hear me out first. I am tired of buying gifts for kids! Boy-W has 14 kids in his class and girl-N has 12. If I buy one gift for each child at $10 each that is $260 a year! Can you even but a decent gift for $10? No. What do other mom and dad's think of this? Has the birthday party thing gone to far? When I was a kid I was allowed about 7 friends. Kids today invite the whole freaking class. One kid in boy-W's class had invited about 30 kids. This is too much IMHO. I would love to hear your comments. Am I cheap or has it gone to far?
Oh...I have the answer to one of my "More Questions I Don't Have the Answers To" Why is Harriet (my cat) peeing on my bed.?" It turns out she has a UTI too! What a crazy ironic world I live in. Maybe my UTI is God's punishment for telling Harriet she was a very cat for peeing on my bed and sending her to bed in (horror of cat horrors) the laundry room. Ha ha.


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