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Thursday, March 25, 2004

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I am up again. It is 3:20 a.m. It would be so much easier if I didn't require sleep then I wouldn't have to try. I had a nightmare tonight and if I don't get up and out of my bedroom after having one I lie there scared and unable to fall back to sleep for hours. I did sleep fairly well the last few nights but that was because I was drugged up. I have strep throat so I was taking something for the pain. I suspected I had strep throat because K#vin had it. Went to the doctor's this morning and I am on more antibiotics. This will be the third time in a month. I haven't been on antibiotics that much in the last ten years.
I think I am having nightmares from watching T.V. I have been so sheltered from everything by not having television. Now every time I turn on the T.V someone is missing or murdered. I don't purposely watch the news but sometimes they do those newsbreaks. Yes, I am a big baby but these things scare me.
I did see something funny on T.V. tonight. In Monty Pythonesque there was a short film on the CBC. It had 9 naked men walking down the road singing "Nine naked men walking down the road would cause a heap of trouble for everyone concerned." Now this wasn't a nice film where things were implied. It had 9 middle aged men walking down the road singing and everything is flip floppin away. I wish I had a clip because it was one of the funniest things I had seen in a long time. Only on the CBC.
So here I am awake. I want ice cream and I don't have anyone to send to get me some. Just how insane would it be of me to wake my angels at this hour to go and get some? I wont actually do it but my fucking throat is sore. Maybe if I pray really hard some Haagen Dazs will be in my freezer when I go check. I have only had Haagen Dazs once and it was so yummy but I just can't justify spending $6.00 on that itty-bitty tub of ice cream.
Well I am even boring myself with this blog. I am going to go surf.


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