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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

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I have never met a person that is totally happy with the way they look. Understandable. My tits are so saggy after losing 60 pounds and nursing two kids they make pancakes look perky. Yes. I would like to have them done. But why is this become an obsession with so many people?
This Botox craze has me thinking that people have gone overboard. Do people realize the dangers? And as far as I understand Botox is only a temporary solution.
Here is what it comes down to for me. Teen girls are fed bullshlt from magazines about this constant drive to be thinner and prettier. Seventeen magazine was my starting point of realizing I was not perfect. It was there I learned my nose was too wide, my eye brows too bushy, my mouth too full. I learned I was too short and I should be wearing contacts, not glasses. I also learned what boys want in a girl. HELLO?! What the fvck is all this about? Forget about my inborn uniqueness and being myself! No! I was told to conform and to look a certain way. I never knew there was anything wrong with my nose until I read Seventeen and 16 years later I am still insecure about it. As for changing my personality to make a boy like me, this one burns me most of all. My entire teenage years revolved around trying to make boys like me and thinking that there was something wrong with me when they didn't. I am angry that magazines line grocery store shelves all selling the idea that I as WOMAN am not good enough. Not yet. But after doing this diet, trying this make-up or getting a Botox injection I will be better. If I try hard enough, I too can be beautiful.

What saddens me is I know there is no way to stop this destruction. I can't change what it is doing to millions of women. I can only let it begin with me.

PS- Just to clarify this is not coming from a bitter frumpy nerd woman that can't get a date. I look pretty great considering my age and that I have had two kids. Up until I met K#vin I was dating 9 different men. This is just coming from a woman that has figured out where real beauty lives.


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