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Monday, March 08, 2004

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It is late. I can't sleep. Still feeling crappy; worse in fact. I think I need to go back to the doctor. If I don't and K#vin finds out he is not going to be happy with me. He knew I was feeling worse today because I was laying down for a good part of the day so he has ordered me to go. I hate being sick.
I had to close all my e mail accounts because I was getting so many viruses. Some dolt (He shall remain nameless.) kept putting my e mail address on his stupid e mails and forwarding them to all his friends who in turn forward them and on it goes. You know when you get those joke e mails sent to you and they have the e mail addresses of hundreds of people because people don't use the blind carbon copy feature? The Bcc feature is so you can send e mails but not the addresses of your friends and family! Use it! Do NOT forward e mails! Use the cut and paste. I only had 3 viruses in 3.5 years until he started sending me e mail. This last week I had received 70 at last count. I did not give him my new address.
That is all. Exciting huh?


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