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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

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My Nana is going to get chemotherapy but it wont get rid of all the Cancer. It is just going to be enough so she can walk without pain. I wanted to get to see her today but the kids can't be in that part of the hospital. I want to talk to the doctor because I know it will make her so happy to be able to see them. Maybe I will just bring them up there and hope nobody notices.
I did get to the doctor and was put back on antibiotics. It is always such a "treat" being put on antibiotics. Bring out the live culture yogurt. :-
K#vin dropped by today for about 5 minutes. His face is so swollen he can barely see. I miss him. I feel all empty without him here.
I am becoming very frustrated with Boy-W's teacher. She wrote in his report card that his spelling is getting worse this term. I have no idea what the hell she is talking about. He gets spelling tests every Friday and since Christmas he brought home one test with one mistake. Every other test has been perfect. In fact, she advanced him on to a whole new set of words because he is past his grade level. She said that his journal entries have spelling errors. For instance he wrote a sentence saying he fell on the "sument". (cement) WTF? He is in grade 2 and is spelling at the end of grade 3 level! Even if he is making errors he is way beyond where he should be. Sometimes I think teachers make shit up because they have to say something bad. Boy-W is a really smart kid but he is still just a kid. It is this sort of crap that makes kids hate school.

Will share two of his journal entries. Too funny...
Sometimes I go to the pool and sometimes I almost droun. Two times I did not come up for like half an hour and I did not know how to swim. It was scary too!

When I grow up I am going to be a thicutrith (psychiatrist) because they make lots of money.

Good Night!


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