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Friday, March 12, 2004

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OK. Can someone tell me what the hell is the deal with getting wrinkles and acne at the same time?! I wake up and have a freaking huge zit on my chin. I am 33! This is NOT supposed to happen damn it! I noticed the little wrinkles around my eyes about 6 months ago. Granted they are only visible when I get about 6 centimeters from the mirror but they are there! There outta be a law against the combination. The day my first wrinkle appeared the law should be that my face would be clear.
So it happened. I started crying the other day convinced K#vin no longer loved me. (You all knew it would happen didn't you? hee hee) I was convinced he had grown tired of me. I am sobbing away and he was all concerned asking me what was wrong and like a fool I told him. I am sure he was thinking get a grip you flake but he just gave me a hug and a kiss and told me there wasn't any truth to that and he loved me. Yes, I feel like an idiot but so happy that he does love me and he is in my life. By the way, I have this picture of K#vin and if you are interested I will e mail it. He is so freaking hot. Just looking at this picture gets me going. You can see for yourself why I talk about him so much!
Girl-N is home with a cold. I think she may have been able to go to school but I let her stay home because she did go to school yesterday when she was not feeling well.
Going to try to make it to the I-MAX theatre and the Bug Zoo in Victoria on Monday. Not going to tell boy-W because he would freak right out. His live revolves around bugs right now and he would be so excited he wouldn't sleep. We made a Critter Cage and he brings all manner of bugs home from school. All his friends look for them too but he is the only one with a place to put them. It freaks the hell out of me. I can hear them running around and I am scared they will get out and build nests in my place.
I think I have gone off the edge as a mom. I actually have made an "All Season Tree" It is the idea of a Christmas tree but you can decorate it according to the season. It is basically a miniature maple tree minus the leaves. (Branches stuffed into rocks in a coffee can with the lid on to hold it up) Right now it is decorated with shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day. I must say, even though I have become one of those weird mom's it looks cool. After St. Patrick's Day we will decorate it with Easter eggs, bunnies and ducks. The kids make the decorations and I just use thread to hang them on.
That be it for now! Au Revoir!

PS-The Big Comfy Couch is on TV. Anyone interested in getting this show banned with me? Holy shit it is annoying!


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