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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

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The pissy mood continues but I can't stay mad at anyone even when I try. I just start feeling selfish and feel like I am not thinking at all about what others want/feel. I am such a moron sometimes. I was acting like a whiny spoiled child and spent a good part of the afternoon crying because of an earlier post (which I deleted) where I was bitching about something. When will I learn?
I think I need to get back to the doctor because my tummy is so sore. I hate going to the doctor! I had a fever earlier but it is down again.
I am so tired but I can't sleep. I lay down and my head starts thinking of a million things. I start thinking about everything that stresses me out and upsets me and I am awake for hours.
I didn't see K#vin today. He is sick too. We have seen each other every day since February 2nd. I want to call him right now but I am afraid I will wake him up. It is almost 1 AM after all. I miss him.


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