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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

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Sleepy tonight so I will just quickly give my 2 cents on Todd Bertuzzi. There was no excuse for what happened last night. The Canucks planned to get back at Colorado Avalanche's players (specifically Moore) after the elbow to Markus Naslund 3 weeks ago. I am aware that fighting is a part of a very intense and physical game but in my opinion Todd Bertuzzi should be banned from playing in the NHL for his conduct. Sucker punching another player so hard that he is knocked out and has broken vertebrae can not be over looked. Bertuzzi was going in for another punch before he was jumped on by a Colorado Avalanche player. This may be the end of Moore's career in the NHL and more than just criminal charges need to take place.
I find all this practically difficult to write because I am a Canuck fan. Bertuzzi is one of their best player and losing him will make an already struggling team struggle more. I am sure there will be a lot more on this in the coming days.


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