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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

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To the tune of "Skip To My Lou"

Ants on the apple
a, a, a
Ants on the apple
a, a, a
Ants on the apple
a, a, a
A is the sound of A

The rest of the song follows the same way

Bears bouncing balls
Caterpillars coughing
Dinosaurs dancing
Elephants entering
Flies flying
Gorillas in gloves
Helicopters hovering
Inuits in igloos
Jellybeans jumping
King kicks the kettle
Lions licking lollipops
Monkeys munching
Nuts in a nutshell
Octopus on olives
Popcorn popping
Queens quilting quietly
Rockets racing
Sausages sizzling
Trumpets tooting
Under the umbrella
Vicky plays the violin
Walking in the winter
Ox on a box
Yaks are yawning
Zippers zipping


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