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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

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We have been so busy lately. The kids are still on Spring Break so I have been trying to keep them busy. Yesterday we went up Island and got to see the Snowbirds. I find them fascinating. They go 750 km/hour and still manage perfect formation.
I spent the entire long weekend with in. The kids were with their dad all through Easter. I missed them a lot! When they came home the Easter Bunny had been here so they ran around madly collecting eggs that they didn't eat because they do not like chocolate. The Easter Bunny knows this so he brought them a toy each.
They Praying Mantises were born this weekend so we are now the owners of approximately 200 of these little guys. I am now trying to breed fruit flies to feed them. (Do you see now why I call this "My Insanity Written in a Blog"? What sane person would be trying to breed fruit flies in her kitchen?)
And everyday I fall more in love with Kin. Everyday I see something more about him to love. Yesterday it came to me that he always waits for me to get in his truck before getting in himself. I was putting Girl-N in her carseat yesterday and after I shut the door I realized that Kin was still standing there in the rain. Then it hit me that he always waits for me. It is these small seemingly insignificant things that he does that make my heart well up and realize that I am the luckiest woman in the world. I have never felt so loved and cared for by someone before. I am going to marry this man.
The damn signal on my car is all screwed up. When I turn right it does the normal tick tick tick tick. When I turn left it goes ticktickticktickticktickticktick. I checked and neither the left front or back is blinking but the right side is. I thought it was a bulb burnt out so I replaced them. Still not working. Checked every damn fuse in the car since my owner’s manual failed to note where the signal fuse was. Finally found it and took it to get a replacement where the kid behind the counter assured me that wasn't the piece and talked me into a different one. Bought that. Didn't work. Finally gave up in defeat because it was getting late and I was frustrated and dirty. Will continue my attempts to fix it today. I think I will change the oil too. It has been too long since the last one. Probably should check the filters and fluids too. My brakes are also squeaking. It could use a vacuum and I definitely need to wash the windows. I could pick up the juice boxes, rotten apples and pudding cups. But then I think to myself "What is the point?" My angels will get in and see it is clean and will conspire to get it just as dirty within 72 hours. The same thing happens with the kitchen floor. I wash it and an hour later one of them "accidentally" drops orange juice or Jell-O all over it. To further add to the devilish plan they do not tell me until it is dry.
Even though they drive me batty at times I am going to miss them because Spring Break is over tomorrow and they will be back in school. I don't like it when they are gone. I like having my chickadees close by.


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