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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

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Yay! I actually slept more than four hours last night! Life will be good today.

I was just going through my favourites and I have come to the conclusion that I am reading a lot of other people's blog's. The one's over there <----are just some of them. I think I need to cut back but if I don't my fix of other people's lives I feel all empty inside. Well ok, not empty. I think this is just a healthy way to be my nosy self.

Went to the park with the kids yesterday. Took about a million pictures. I was hoping to get some good ones that I could frame and give as Christmas gifts. I know it is really early to be thinking about that but it was a really beautiful day yesterday. It got up to be 15 C. That is around 60 F I think.

Today the kids are very excited that we are going to go to the beach and get rocks to paint. Afterwards I will spray them with shellac and the kids will do who knows what with them. I am sure they will want to give them away to the Grandparents who will undoubtedly think they are masterpieces.

One last note. The spell check on this thing is terrible. I had missed the t in "undoubtedly" and the spell check didn't pick it up. I have noticed it with other words in the past. I am trying to lighten up on my need to spell words correctly issue but I am failing.

One more last note. After proof-reading this I see that my life is not very exciting. sigh


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