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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

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I have become one of "those" people. I am addicted to a T.V. show! Quite by accident I started watching Starting Over and now I am hooked. First let me say I have never been a T.V. person, least of all a daytime T.V. person. After about an hour I am getting antsy. So the other day I was flipping channels and there was this big freak out fest going on. Josie was leaving the house before she should have and everyone else was in hysterics. Anyway, now I have to watch it. I don't watch everyday but I must find out what is going on at least twice a week. I think it is an ongoing show too. I don't think the series ends but when one girl leaves another takes her place. How will I ever stop watching? I have to go now. MY show is starting. (Crap, I have become one of those people who refer to T.V. programs as "my" show.


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