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Thursday, May 13, 2004

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I worked again subbing as a teacher's aide today. Worked with a boy with Autism and 2 other children with learning challenges. I just love this type of work and would love to get on full time or at least permanent part-time. I was called again for tomorrow but I think that will be it for awhile.
I have another job interview on Monday for a nurse's aide. I like this type of work too but I don't know what the hours would be. I can only do it during the day as the cost of daycare is so high I would not be making anything after paying the cost. Also, when it comes right down to it, I do not want to be working night shifts and sleeping during the day and never seeing my kids. I have done this before and found it totally physically draining and very boring as well. Usually the client is asleep and I have to stay awake all night long. I am not allowed to watch T.V. and I can only read for so long. In other words...I didn't have a life! My days were spent sleeping and my nights sitting staring at a wall. People always told me they would love a job where you do nothing but believe me, it makes a 12 hour shift seem like 24.


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