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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

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Is anyone else tired of watching the news? Even when we don't watch it, the awful stuff happening still reaches our ears. We are plagued with stories we didn't want to hear and images we never wanted to see. I find it depressing and discouraging. So...Today and every Wednesday I will be bringing you Wonderful Wednesday! This will be stories dedicated to something GOOD happening in the world.

I am also making a promise. As of today I will not be talking about any of the bad stuff happening in the world. We all know where to get the information if we feel the need to be informed. While reading my blog I don't want anyone to have that awful heavy feeling that I experience when I read about war, Afghanistan, beheadings and all the other horrors.

75% of Canadians Plan to Donate Their Organs

I like this one. Organ Donation. Specifically YOUR organs. Something none of us want to think about. However the reality is, there are people out there whose life depends on each of us making the decision. So what is the good news in this? Nearly 75% of Canadians plan to donate their organs when they die. I think that is fantastic! I have a friend who had another 5 years added to his life because of organ donation. While one family was dealing with the horrific grief of losing their mom in a car accident, they were thinking clearly to know that through their loss someone else could benefit.
Today I encourage everyone to find out what your province or state's protocol is for organ donation. Here in British Columbia we need to register ourselves and our family. I registered myself and my children a few years ago. The thought when doing this was upsetting but I kept in mind that if the unthinkable happened someone else's child would have a chance at life.


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