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Saturday, May 22, 2004

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It is a long weekend here! Whooo hoooooo! Victoria Day. Fireworks tomorrow night! Will try to post pics.

Note-I live in a city of about 80, 000 and we have fireworks several times a year. I have been told this is not normal. I was told that most cities only have them once a year, maximum twice. We celebrate everything here! BC Day, Canada Day, Victoria Day, Labour Day. We also celebrate another festival unique to our city. Christmas time we have a show in the harbour where all the boats go by with Christmas lights. We also have another light up ceremony where it is a huge celebration kicking off the Christmas season. New Years there is a huge bash where you can bring the whole family and another one for adults where a live band comes in. Also Polar Bear swims, canons fired everyday and bonfires all over the city on Halloween. Almost every weekend there is some celebration. Best of all, beside a nominal fee for the New Year family celebration, it is all free! Is that not normal? I have only ever lived here so I don't know.


Blogger Katie said...

You all like your fireworks, huh? hehe We only have them once a year on the 4th of July (US thing, I know). The nearest big city also has a big show Labor Day weekend.

Enjoy your weekend! :)

6:37 a.m.  
Blogger Michele said...

Sounds like fun! Here in California if we want firweorks more than once a year we have to go to Disneyland LOL
Have a great weekend!

7:48 a.m.  

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