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Sunday, May 16, 2004

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We took the kidlets to the Children's Festival this morning. First we went to the police station and had a tour there. We saw lots of stuff including the cells, forensics department, serious crimes unit and the drunk tank. (Note-When I was dating Mr. Alcoholic last summer and I called the police to get him out of my home they took him to the drunk tank. I had never seen what the drunk tank looked like before. Anyway, thank God for Al-Anon).
We then went into the city and the kids got their hair sprayed green and orange. They played with hula hoops, learned to juggle and got to see trolls, a very, very tall man and "Plaster Man". Girl-N was afraid of the trolls and the plaster man but did get brave enough to have her picture taken with them. We watched a very funny juggling show as well!

One of those really cool moments happened too. I was talking to some ladies at a booth about a Relay For Life. It is a walk for the Canadian Cancer Society. I was telling them that my Nana passed away last week from Cancer. It turned out one of the ladies there was her Hospice worker. Of course that started me crying but she gave me a big hug and told me what a wonderful person she was. Just one more sign that lets me know Nana is up there watching over me and letting me know everything is o.k.

Question- Is the term "drunk tank" a Canadian term or do American's use it as well?


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