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Saturday, June 05, 2004

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Do you ever have absolutely nothing to blog about? It seems I have a lot of those days. Most days are just mundane stories of my existence. For instance, yesterday we went fishing but still didn't catch anything. We talked to this little Vietnamese man about 4 feet tall that told us what we were doing wrong. He gave us many pointers, some tackle and the Rainbow Trout he had caught! Nice huh? Trout for dinner tonight. I went to work. Thankful that I have a job I love. Came home, went to sleep, woke up, drove an hour to go to work. The man (he is 83) flirted with me and asked me to marry him and move to Las Vegas. I told him I would think about it. Came home, drove Boy-W to another birthday party. Came home, lay down got up and went to get Boy-W then came home again. Now how dull is that? The most exciting thing about this day is I need to restart my computer because the enter key is not working so this is all one paragraph. So what can I say that is even the slightest bit interesting? Not a damn thing! Click here and here for things to do when you are bored.


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