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Monday, June 21, 2004

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I am on day 23 without a day off. I wanted to work but this is ridiculous!

I am leaving on Thursday to go across the country to meet Kevin's family. His nieces worship the ground he treads upon and may decide to make my life miserable if they don't like me! I don't really care of they like me or not but if I am going to spend 10 days without my kids I better have a great time!

I have never been farther east than Alberta! This is a big trip for this Westerner!

After much internal debate about the use of "further" and "farther" I decided to check to see what is the grammatically correct variant. So, for my grammar Nazi blogging friends...

Usage Note: Since the Middle English period many writers have used farther and further interchangeably. According to a relatively recent rule, however, farther should be reserved for physical distance and further for nonphysical, metaphorical advancement. Thus 74 percent of the Usage Panel prefers farther in the sentence If you are planning to drive any farther than Ukiah, you'd better carry chains, and 64 percent prefers further in the sentence We won't be able to answer these questions until we are further along in our research. In many cases, however, the distinction is not easy to draw. If we speak of a statement that is far from the truth, for example, we should also allow the use of farther in a sentence such as Nothing could be farther from the truth. But Nothing could be further from the truth is so well established as to seem a fixed expression.


Blogger Arielle said...

Good luck..and going back east is not a big problem..just remember, airplanes/trains/highways...go both ways! LOL! Fingers are crossed on the muchkins for you!

5:58 a.m.  
Blogger Katie said...

23 days, are you nuts? hehe Have fun on your vacation with Kevin, I'm sure they will all love you. :)

9:02 p.m.  

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