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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

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I haven't been blogging because I am now addicted to fishing. The weather here has been beautiful so the kids, K and I have been out sitting on the docks with our lines in the water. Haven't caught a thing but I refuse to give up!

Had another job interview today. If I get this one I will have three jobs. This one is selling wheelchairs, walkers and other devices for people who have lost mobility in some form or another. It isn't commission and for that I am glad. I couldn't, in good conscience sell to people who are vulnerable and in that situation. It would be almost full time. Off at 5:30 everyday. Cool huh? Lots of room for advancement. Here I thought nobody would hire me because I had been a stay at home parent for 8 years!

I have a question. Not being an American I have no clue what goes on there. My question is why do so many Americans hate your leaders so much? I have read several blogs and I don't understand what they do to cause that much anger and hostility. Please. please, please do not answer with anger because I am not at all trying to be controversial, after all I am neither Republican nor Democrat. Merely a baffled person that just doesn't get why people in the U.S.A go to such great lengths to disagree. Yes, most Canadians really don't care for the things that the leaders in Canada do but we haven't reached a point of referring to them with animosity. I mean there are entire websites dedicated to hating George Bush! If all that enthusiasm was geared to making whatever is wrong better a whole hell of a lot would get done. I am sure I am pissing off my American blogging friends and for that I am sorry; it is not my intention.

Now I am off to bed to dream of fishing.

Oh yeah. I love you so much it hurts. How wonderful life is now your in the world. xo


Blogger Katie said...

Actually I think the majority of the US could care less. I think you've hit about the fringe 5% that really care. It's just that there's so many more Americans than Canadians that it seems like a lot. But it's not, most of us care a little and may call the leaders names from time to time but not to the degree you're probably seeing in a few places.

The fishing sounds fun! The mosquitos are getting bad here, I think I'd be eaten alive if I went near a large body of water. lol

12:25 p.m.  

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