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Thursday, June 03, 2004

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When I first started doing writing this blog in February I started a section called "Questions I Do Not Have the Answer To". For some reason I stopped doing it but I would like to start again. I will post some of the previous questions. If you know the answer please tell me. TY

~Does anyone reading this feel more comfortable telling your story here to total strangers than to your family and friends? Is this your safe place where you can say pretty much whatever is on your heart and mind?

~Should I get another cat?

~Should I confront the asshole that forced me off the road and into a snow bank a few weeks back? I wasn't going fast enough uphill on a very icy road and the prick flies by me in his 4-wheel drive. He is yelling at me and moving towards me so I had to drive off the road. I found out he is a parent at my kids school. I just see his car now and my blood boils. Fucking asshole. I know he knows who I am because I saw him and was trying to place him and he looked away really fast and went the other way.

~Should I key his car? It would give me such satisfaction to take my key down his ugly 4-wheel drive station wagon. Skreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech.

~Should I just let this one go and just realize he is a shit head and laugh at him in my head every time I see him? Hell just the fact that he owns a 4-wheel drive station wagon is funny enough.

~How long does it take to fall in love?

~When I do fall in love how can I be sure it is real?

~Where are my slippers?

~How is it possible to have 45 socks that don't have a match?

~Why is there 600 pieces of Tupperware in my cupboard and not a single lid matches a container?

~Does your heart ever feel so happy you feel like it will beat right out of your chest?

~Are you ever so incredibly happy that you can think of nothing but a deep and profound thanks to God?

~Did Mother Teresa ever just get sick of being so nice?

~Do I think too much?

~Why are so many old people miserable? And

~Will I get crotchety when I get old?

~Why would anyone pay money to own land on Mars?

~Who owns Mars anyway?

~Will I ever get by these abandonment issues?

~Is there a such thing as a soul mate?

~Why do I worry so much about what others think of me?

~Is boy-W and girl-N going to grow up all screwed up?

~Why is Harriet (my cat) peeing on my bed?

~Why do people feel they need to bring you down when you are so happy?

~Why does it take boy-W 45 minutes to put on socks in the morning?

~Why can't a single item of clothing end up in girl-N's dresser after I have washed, dried and folded them?

~Is the "one"?

~Why would anyone spend $21 on a mug?!

~Am I really getting better or am I still just as whacked as I was a year and a half ago?

~Why can't I sleep at night?

~How long can insomnia last because this has been going on for 10 years. I have not slept more than 4 hours in a row in 10 years. Maybe I should go to one of those sleep clinics.

~Why is there a gold key on my desk and what door is it for?

~Should I get married again? Seriously. I did it once, convinced he was the one. I don't want to go through another divorce but at the same time I love in and want to be his wife. What to do, what to do?

~Is the term "drunk tank" a Canadian term or do American's use it as well?


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Blogger Balbonics said...

~Should I get another cat?I think you should ask Harriet. :)

7:20 a.m.  

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