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Sunday, July 18, 2004

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Damn, damn, damn! I stumbled across this site this morning and now I have another 10 or so blogs added to my list!
I am fascinated by the blogging phenomena. I ask myself why I am so interested in the lives of others. Perhaps in our fast paced world it is the new way to socialize. Many of you, as I have struggle with finding "girlfriends". When I was growing up my mom had a girlfriend in every other house in our neighborhood. She was usually friends with my friends mothers. Kids ran free until dusk and only checked in at home for a meal! Times have changed haven't they? I won't even let my kids go into our neighbors house alone! I just don't have the desire to get to know my neighbors.
It seems many choose to isolate in this day in age. As a way of protecting ourselves I suppose. I know I have my carefully ordered world and it scares me at times to let people into it. Maybe I watch the news too much but there are so many wackos around.
So why do I continue to read? Is it  a deep desire to have what my mom had? To listen to the stories of others? To hear that their children are just as funny, crazy, silly, maddening and messy as mine? To hear that they also sleep best when their partner is not in the bed but miss him/her like crazy when gone.  To hear the stories of car sickness, report cards, first (and last) days of school. To identify with being "snubbed" at play group.  Quite frankly I rejoice with so many of you when your children reach a milestone and I laugh when your children say things like "Well you are pretty on the inside. And that's what counts"!
Whatever the reason I will continue to read. I look forward to your postings and like knowing there are actually people out there that look forward to reading mine!



Blogger Jules said...

I think you're exactly right. It's impossible to make "friends" anymore with how busy and closed off everyone is. My neighborhood was just like yours growing up and I wish it could be that way for my kids too.

3:02 a.m.  
Blogger Katie said...

I feel the same way you do, things are definitely not the way they used to be. It's sad in a way.

9:17 a.m.  

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