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Friday, July 23, 2004

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It was so hot today I decided to give my cat Harriet a bath to cool down. She is a typical I hate water kind of cat. When I first put her under the sprayer she freaked out and tried to get away. After a few seconds she actually just sat there and enjoyed it! Poor kitty was so hot with all that fur on. You know it is hot when...your cat wants a bath!

I took the kids to the beach in spite of their bickering. It was just too hot to stay home. I don't ever remember it being 34 C here.

Kevin is watching football now. I hate football. I hate staying home on a nice sunny night to watch football. Blech!

I didn't go to work today as mentioned in yesterday's post. I said I didn't have daycare. Ha!

Fireworks here again tomorrow night. Yay!


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