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Monday, August 02, 2004

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B.C. Day Long Weekend

It should have been a nice weekend away but...

We were supposed to leave after I got off work on Saturday but forgot to get the key to my mom and dad's cabin. We left instead around 6:30. It is a 3 hour drive plus stopping for groceries so it was dark when we got to our destination. We drove right past it and ended up very , very lost. We ended up driving down an old logging road. It reminded me of that awful horror movie "Wrong Turn". (Don't see it. I had nightmares for 3 months after I saw it.)
We finally found the correct turn-off and drove 18 k. down another logging road only to find out the gate closed at 9:00. We had to walk around in the pitch black looking for the right cabin. Did I mention this area is heavily populated with black bears? Finally found the cabin. My mom had taken all the bedding home with her on the last trip; no sheets. Finally found 4 blankets to use between the 4 of us. Went right to bed. Slept most of Sunday because I was so tired from driving. got heat exhaustion and slept all evening. We couldn't get the water to work. The port-a-potty was full and we had to use a bucket too pee in. Had to use the most filthy outhouse I had ever seen to shit in. Shit on the seat. Charming.
Glad to leave but strangely enough I wish I was back there because now n is at home and the kids are at their dad's. I am all lonely and bored and have P.M.S.
I will show these pictures because it was so beautiful where we went. There are often grey whales and killer whales. The beach is mostly sand and you can make the best sandcastles!


Blogger Chris said...

Wow, that's roughing it!

1:27 a.m.  
Blogger debby said...

Great castle! That top pic is so beautiful, the water is sooo clear.

7:36 a.m.  

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