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Thursday, January 06, 2005

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Almost 34. Why, why, why am I still getting acne? I had gone several months with a lovely glowing complexion them yesterday. Zit! Zit! Zit! Zit! Perhaps it is the cold weather. Or maybe it is the antibiotics I am on. It could be all the crap I ate in the month of December. Whatever it is I have the complexion of a school-girl. Unfortunately I don't have the ass and tit's of one.

I think I am going to subscribe to National Geographic magazine. I am sure people will think I am edjicated if I do. I will have it on the coffee table when people come to visit and I can discuss how my breasts are much saggier than the lady on page 163.


My son's class is reading "One Hundred Dresses" by Eleanor Estes. It is a lovely story of a young girl from Poland who wears the same blue faded dress everyday to school. She is teased because she lives in poverty. She tells the bullies that she has one hundred dresses at home and they torment her further. The story does not end as one would expect. A definite must read that teaches children about bullies, victims and those that stand by.

I have decided that tomorrow will be a "snow day"for the kids. It is supposed to snow up 25 cm and I am not going out. Why?

1. I can't drive in snow.
2.Nobody else in this city can drive in snow.

A good day to sleep in and drink hot chocolate.


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