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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

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Back at work today. *sigh* (Sigh-not given because of dislike for place of employment but for general malaise and melancholy mood I am feeling). Very busy day at work. Phone only rang 500 times. I had to leave work unfinished at day end; something I never do. At this point I am too tired to make supper but I haven't a choice in the matter. So what will it be? Cereal? Toast? Eggs?

I forgot to say we have a new addition to the family. A budgie brought via the North Pole. His name is Jingles.

He is sitting on my monitor and making this cheeping sound. He is very small and cute.
Now living in a 985 sq. foot condo. Me, Boy-W, Girl-N, Harriet the cat, Thunder the gerbil, a frog with no name and Jingles the budgie. is here most of the time too. Most think I am nuts to have this many pets. I think they are. Pets make a home and my kids love them. And frankly, so do I.


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