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Sunday, January 16, 2005

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Back to work tomorrow. I have done my Sunday ritual of changing the bed sheets on my bed, having a hot bath and putting on clean flannel pajamas. I got them out of the dryer so they are all warm and cozy. Ahhhhhh...

I need to post about something that has really bothered me. My cousin recently left her husband. They have one child together. (Taylor-8) The guy is conceited and just plain "creepy". He is one of those people that will just stare at you and not look away when you catch him staring. Anyway...My cousin left her husband and my mom is talking with my Aunt to see how Taylor is doing. My Aunt tells my mom that "She is fine with it!". This is what bothers me. No child is ever fine with separation and divorce. Ever. As much as I and most of the city thinks her dad is a freaking idiot it is still her dad and she loves him. She is not "fine". I am worried about her because I think she needs to get into a group like Rainbows. I have 2 children and I am a mom going through a divorce. I know each and every child deserves to grieve a loss such as this unhindered without adults saying that they are fine. My kids have gone through Rainbows twice and each of them has had individual counseling. I have read them books like Dinosaur's Divorce and they are still grieving the loss of a full time dad.

I can hear Harriet lurking. I have to keep a very large bell on her neck so I always know here whereabouts. Last night I got back at her over the cat food incident. (See January 13th post) I kept the door open that leads outside. (She is not allowed outside) She made a run for it but to her dismay there was snow on the ground. You can see little paw prints that go for about 2 feet than promptly turn around again. She wouldn't speak to me today.

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Blogger Blessed75 said...

yeh, that would concern me too. My divorce was final in October 2004 but the children and I moved out of the marital home in August of 2004. As little as my children are, there was still an adjustment period. Maybe you can encourage her to get her child in this group? Good luck. Hugs, Nikki

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