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Sunday, February 20, 2005

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Today is my birthday. 34 today though I don't feel much like celebrating. Just going to spend a quiet day at home with and the kids. Maybe order Chinese food for dinner.
I still have not been able to contact everyone. As of yet I still have to contact 3 more aunts. I have decided to keep everyone in touch by e mail. I have also set up a page for family at Caring Bridge. (Thanks Kari!)
I feel I will be able to cope enough to go back to work tomorrow. The initial terrifying shock has left and I am just in a state of being hopeful and numb. I want so much for this to be something simple but the fear of worst case scenario looms. On a good note my mom did have an ultrasound 3 years ago and she had a clean bill of heal then so as far as the cancer goes it is less than 3 years old. I am told this is a good thing
It is a beautiful day outside. 6C and not a cloud in the sky. Will try to get out for a walk to the beach today.
You all have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday!


Blogger Leslie said...

I'm so glad I stopped by today so I can leave you warm Happy Birthday greetings. : ) I am sorry to hear about your Mom (I'm just catching up a bit). Sounds like you've had an awful lot to deal with. Please know that I'm thinking about you and sending good wishes your way.

11:53 a.m.  
Blogger thequeen said...

Sorry I haven't stopped by lately,
I wish you to have a fabulous birthday I too will be turning 34 in just a few short weeks. I am sorry to see that things are going badly for your mom. Think postive and try to get her to do the same, there are actual studies out there that prove that positive attitude and laughter are the best healers there are. I am here for you and I send you positive healing energy and prayers.

3:43 p.m.  
Blogger kelly said...

I'm just catching up with your blog today also. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. Your mom and mine both, huh? What is up with the world right now? My mother has come to visit us here in Nevada, and she says being around her grandson is the best therapy in the world for her leukemia. Well, that and the oodles and oodles of pills that she has to take everyday. Your mom is so lucky to have family so near. I'm sending good, healthy vibes your way. Best wishes also for your birthday.

3:45 p.m.  
Blogger Me said...

Happy Birthday!

7:56 p.m.  
Blogger ddddddddddddddddddddd said...

Happy Birthday, Barbara. I hope you had a beautiful day, as there will always be a tomorrow to have to have worries. Be cool, smile and know that you have lots of love and hugs coming your way. Prayers for you mom.

8:33 p.m.  
Blogger deni said...

Happy Birthday Barbara!!

As for worse case scenario, I think we all have a tendency to do that, so then when it isn't as bad as we imagined it, we can handle it better. At least I know I am like that.

6:47 a.m.  
Blogger David said...

Happy belated birthday. I know it was tough to try to enjoy the day with this week hanging over your head. Try as best as you can to keep your spirits up and not let your Mom see how down you are. She will need you to be strong.

David (txoceanlover)

9:51 a.m.  
Blogger Bug said...

Happy belated birthday sweeite! *huggles*

Sorry to hear about yer mum...hope that situation gets better.

9:58 a.m.  
Blogger pinksundrops said...

I hope you get out for that walk on the beach. Happy Birthday sweetie, a quiet dinner is probably just what you need. I do hope you have a wonderful day in spite of all - relaxing, would be more the word.

10:46 a.m.  
Anonymous Echo said...

I am so sorry you are going through this! My grandmother was initially diagnosed with ovarian cancer this past November. She has since been diagnoses with Uterine cancer, however. All of her cancer was removed during her hysterectomy, and she now has a clean bill of health. She is undergoing chemo for preventative measures, but the cancer is gone.

I'm hoping you get the same results! I know we don't know each other, but if you need someone to talk to, feel free to contact me!

3:14 p.m.  
Blogger wanda said...

Oh sweetie, I had no idea it was your birthday! I'm sorry I missed it. It almost seems wrong to say Happy Birthday, so what I'll say is that I hope this is the only birthday you ever have that is clouded by saddness and worry. I hope by this time next year, you, your Mom and your family can celebrate your birthday in style!

9:21 p.m.  

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