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Friday, March 04, 2005

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I spoke with my mom this afternoon and she is coming home tomorrow. She had her first dose of chemo today and so far is not experiencing any nausea. I am so excited to see her!!

As for my brother. I wish I could just tell him what to do. There is a reason my brother is 37 (single) and has never had a relationship last longer than 3 months. He cannot handle a woman telling him what to do. He treats my mom like garbage at times. I guess over the years I have just sort of accepted him "as is". I know that I could allow his chauvinism to cause me to hate him. Trust me, we have had our times. The thing is as I get older I have realized two things. One. He is the only brother I have. Two. He is not going to change. I have seen families that bicker and are no longer a solid unit. I don't want this for our family.

I am very tired and this has been more of an emotional drain than a physical one. My mom and dad's house is spic and span. We have put up a huge "Welcome Home" banner that stretches the entire length of their kitchen. The kids and have made little gifts like picture frames and popsicle stick people. I have made lots of jello and it is waiting in the fridge. I will go over tomorrow and have a meal in the fridge for my dad when he gets home.

I am thinking about doing something drastic. If my mom loses her hair from the chemotherapy I am considering shaving my head. I will of course do this to raise money for the Canadian cancer (small c) Society. I love my hair and the thought of being bald freaks me out but it is for a remarkable and phenomenal woman. Will keep you posted on this.


Blogger thequeen said...

You don't have to go completely bald, you can donate your cut hair to locks of love. They make wigs for cnacer patients.The wigs are given free. I don't know about the canadian thing, but if your mom loses her hair let me know and I will cut my very long hair and have it donated to locks of love.:)

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