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Thursday, June 02, 2005

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Kvetch. Kvetch. Kvetch. Kvetch. Kvetch. Kvetch.
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Going into work on your day off sucks. That is how I spent yet another day off. I am getting really tired of doing it but I never actually say no when I am asked. When the owner comes up to my desk and asks me to work (so she can have a day off) it isn't easy to say no. This woman has fired people for lesser offences. So in I went hoping to catch up on filing invoices but the general manager asked me if I had an hour to spare. I didn't, but said sure. She gave me a mammoth sized filing job. It took me over 4 hours just to get my head around it and make a very small and insignificant dent. Then other co-workers are getting pissed off at me for following through with something the manager told me not to do this morning. All damn day I was asked to page a certain employee but the manager said he was not to be disturbed and all the other coworkers got pissed off at me! It wasn't my fucking idea to allow his phone to be on do not disturb all freaking day!

Anyway, it was a shit day. I am tired. Nobody should be allowed to go into work and spend the whole fucking day on do not disturb! When this happens at the place I work for you are not even allowed to ask then a simple question. Fucking stooooopid.

Anyway. Kvetch is over. Your turn. Tell me about the stupid rules at your workplace. Or anything else that is pissing you off.


Anonymous Erin said...

Holy! I hate it when people get pissed off at me for something that has nothing to do with me. Not only do people shoot the messenger, they yell, they swear, they bitch, they berate.... Bastards!!!!!

8:29 p.m.  
Anonymous neel said...

Sorry you had a bad day. I got followed by a cop which pissed me off. I stoped at the store to get a few things and he turned around and drove past me again. Anyway, that pissed ME off.

1:19 a.m.  
Blogger Bumbling Bav said...

Filing for 4 hours is enough to send a person over the edge. You are better then I.

Stupid mothers piss me off. And hello the 80's are over get a new hair cut!

Have a good weekend!

12:57 p.m.  

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