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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

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On Feeling Sad...and Still Sick
School is out for another year and as always I am sad. I feel like my kids life is moving faster than I am. I want to have more time with them but work takes a great deal of my time. Tomorrow is supposed to be my day off but as most of you know I end up working my days off. I am a single mom living on very little money. I need to work as much as I can.
The Boy and Girl had their report cards today and both did well but The Boy needs to work on math. He needs to work a lot. When I am feeling better I will come up with a program that he will work on in the summer where he can work on the basics. I am also going to enroll both kids in the Summer Reading Program. I will have them do short book reports on the books they read. Don't give me a hard time about this because one, the ability to learn is a gift and we should embrace it. Two, both kids need to work on some areas and spend more than enough time playing and watching TV. Trust me. They will spend probably 10 hours watching TV this summer for every 1 hour of the "homework" I will have them do. Third, I don't want to be given a hard time because I feel guilty already. What kind of mother makes her children do math and book reports during the summer?

And I am still sick. I have been going to work but I am weak and achy still. Just want to sleep.
Thanks for reading my depressing post. Will be back on track soon I hope!


Blogger Adrienne said...

Hi Barbara...I'm just surfing around the blogs and came across yours. It's very nice! You're so creative.

Good luck with the kids this summer. I need to get mine away from the TV too and read this summer so they won't be totally brain dead when school starts again in the fall.

6:56 p.m.  
Blogger Catherine said...

I wouldn't feel guilty about having them work during the summer. I once read that our kids are actually worse off having summer break because their brains go to mush without the stimulation for such a long span of time. You're a great mom for taking an interest in their education. From what I've seen lately it isn't something all parents do, they will be better off because of it and will thank you when they are self-sufficient and a success in life.

As for them growing fast, I feel the same way. I feel like I was pregnant yesterday and in two weeks my daughter will be 3 years old. Before I know it I will be giving her summer reading and math programs! :)

As always, if you need to chat just send me an email.

7:08 p.m.  
Blogger Bella said...

:( (((((hugs)))))

I hope you get better very very very very soon.

I think it's good that you have your children keep up with school even during the summer. They WILL thank you later. :)

12:53 p.m.  

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