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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

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On Waking up 13 Minutes Before a Staff Meeting
Let me tell you outright. I am a woman of few talents. I can't sing, play an instrument or dance. I have very poor athletic skills. I am intelligent but not Mensa material. I am not beautiful nor can I recite poetry. There is one thing I can do and damn it, I am proud of it. I can get ready really, really fast. Not just fast but unbelievably fast. This morning I woke up 7:47 and freaked out. (The clock was supposed to be set for 6:47.) I did a double take and grabbed my watch to make sure the time I was looking at was the correct. It was. I woke my kids, got dressed, told the kids to get dressed, went to the bathroom, did my make-up, grabbed my shoes, through a lunch for myself in my bag, grabbed my wallet and keys and ran out the door with my kids. Talked to lonely old neighbor (because she is so sweet) for about 10 seconds, got in the car and did an illegal turn onto the highway, drove kids to daycare and dropped them off, floored it because kids were no longer in vehicle. I then drove 75 in a 50 zone the rest of the way to work and arrived at 8:02. That is 15 minutes people! My daycare is about 7 minutes away and my work another 10 minutes from there. Now tell me. I am not the fastest get readier person you have ever heard ot what? (Applause here.)
This is what it sounded like at my house this morning.
On Working on My Day Off...Again!
Just because it pisses me off I am letting you know I have to work on my day off again this week! It is pissing me off because I am seeming to work on my days off more than I actaully have the day off! Damn!


Blogger wanda said...

Girlfriend, you win the award! The fastest get readier person ever!

5:50 a.m.  
Blogger Adrienne said...

LMAO while applauding! Nicely done! I laughed at the Taz clip too...

Do you get paid for working on your off days? If not, then STOP!

7:00 a.m.  
Blogger deni said...

Nothing like getting ready and out the door under pressure. LOL

And my last job was like that, it seemed I was always working on my day off, and it sucked, that is why I am looking for any job that is NOT management.

7:31 a.m.  
Blogger Tee said...

Oh man, what stress. I HATED working mornings with the 2 kids. It was such a rush EVERY morning. Not that I'm one to talk, but careful with the speeding. (I do it all the time :p) ... but just because kids aren't in the car - you could still have an accident and what would the kiddies do without their lovely mommy? :)

8:15 a.m.  
Blogger Bumbling Bav said...

YOu win! ((standing on chair applauding))

2:00 p.m.  
Blogger Ms. Q said...

Wow. You are insane fast! I love that you still grabbed your lunch and talked to your neighbor!

I slept late this morning and did something similar, only I didn't have to drop off any kids. I made it to work on time and then remembered that the Wednesday morning 9 o'clock meeting I rushed here for had been changed to 1 o'clock! So, I could have been late without severe consequences! doh!

2:25 p.m.  
Blogger Erin said...

My best time from opening my eyes to sitting in the car was 4 minutes, including makeup. I didn't have kids though, having kids and doing it makes you all that much better! Woot!

3:31 p.m.  

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