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Thursday, September 01, 2005

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I don't have cable T.V. and don't listen to the radio so I am way behind the rest of the world in what is happening in the south. (Please do not take offence when I say) Why can't the most prosperous country on the face of the earth help their own? Americans are always talking about One Nation Under God and all I see is division and hatred. I don't understand. Get the freaking soldiers out of Iraq and get them home protecting the innocent and bringing the most basic of necessities to the people that need it now. Your leader (Bush) makes me ill.

I love all of you, my American readers and friends but I shake my head at what is happening. I hope I have not offended any of you. It is not a judgment on you as individuals. (((hugs)))


Blogger ddddddddddddddddddddd said...

I read recently about the deafening sound of the silence from the rest of the world since this hurricane compared to the outpouring for the Tsunami. Yet the richest nation in the world is the most quiet in this time. Why aren't the politicians taking care of their own people? I don't get it. I too love all my American friends, but your politicians really need to step up to the plate.

11:19 p.m.  
Blogger Kim said...

Offended? Hell, you just said what I've been thinking. We have all this money and all these resources and it still looks like a third world country down there.

7:24 a.m.  
Blogger Colleen said...

By no way hafve you offended me go stop in at my blog I have been bashing the American government since this happend on monday. You go girl.

12:23 p.m.  
Blogger Colleen said...

By the way I am a American... But I hate the way our fellow Americans are being taken care of. Shame on President Bush....Shame Shame Shame.

12:24 p.m.  
Blogger thequeen said...

I am far from offended I agree with you 100000000 percent. I am sickend with how long it is taking to save the people who I can my fellow americans.

4:50 p.m.  
Blogger 1974punkmom said...

Our fearless leader is the poorest excuse for a leader I have ever seen. We manage to take care of every country on the face of the planet except our own. Why, exactly, did it take him this long to get his ass down there? Then, when he finally goes, he talks about rebuilding the gulf to be even more beautiful. How many brain cells exactly does he have left?????? What about the poor men, women, and children who are starving to death? Do they care about rebuilding casinos or Trent Lott's house??? I THINK NOT!
Thank you for letting me rant!!!

6:27 p.m.  
Blogger Phyllis said...

I am not offended at all.
I am so ashamed of the looters and rioters, and the ones that demand help now!
I agree there are some that were stuck and had no way of getting out, but then there are the ones with no brains.
As far as the soldiers, I guess the National Guard is finally getting there and trying to take control. It seems like the whole country was in shock and took a few days to get going!
What a horrible lesson to learn. There are some miraculous stories coming out of this and some shameful ones also.
God be with them all/

11:01 p.m.  
Blogger wanda said...

Offended? Heck I'm proud to see others saying what needs to be said.
We're one of the richest nations on the planet and right now one of our countries most beautiful places is looking like a third world country.
Frankly I'm tired of people who want to ignore what's going on, except for how it affects their little lives. Those who want to blame the poorest and most needy because they had no way to escape. I guess the poor people in this country don't have a right to expect their government to protect them from the ravages of nature. I think we're seeing a lot of people's true colors shine through. They talk the talk but when it comes to reality, that's all it is , just talk.
Is Bush solely to blame? Of course not. But he wanted to be the freaking President, so how about he wipes off that smirk, gets his ass in gear and ACT like one. Hold these people who are suppose to be in charge, accountable. If they can't do the job fire their butts and get somebody who can. That's what being the man is charge is all about.

2:46 p.m.  
Blogger KT said...

ditto, to every comment here.
My husband and I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that pretty much sums things up: "He's not my president!"

6:32 a.m.  
Blogger Adrienne said...

Please go here and read Rhodents post about this subject. I think there are some issues you don't see or understand.

7:00 p.m.  

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