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Thursday, November 24, 2005

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The weather sure has changed! It is so cold and damp. It is a great night for a hot bath, hot chocolate and wrapping myself up in a certain new fuzzy robe. Maybe throw a shortbread cookie into the mix.
I miscalculated my time until holidays. I thought the beginning of this week marked 3 full weeks until time off but it is actually 3 weeks at the beginning of next week. Bah! It has been a year and a half since I have had some time off. I can't wait!
I finally started Christmas shopping. I never go all crazy at Christmas but I like to make Christmas special for my family. I am trying to think of something special for my mom and dad. Any idea's?
I have been having a small problem with my cat. He has taken it upon himself to wake me up 7 - 10 times throughout the night. Sometimes he walks up and down my body as if I were a fence. Other times he nibbles any exposed area. And still at other times he gets so close I can feel his breath. I will open my eyes and see his face so close to mine that he is almost touching me...staring. Don't get me wrong, I adore my cat but I can never get into a deep sleep. I have tried locking him away but he just cries and that keeps me more awake! Has this ever happened to any of you? What did you do? For some reason I think this is a problem that hasn't a solution!
I just keeping adding to this post don't I? This is important though. Not important like my brother needs a new brain or important like I just won the lottery. It is important to a much lesser importance...Do you know what I love about being 34? I can flirt with any man between the ages of 22 and 55 and nobody bats and eyelash! I am serious! When I was 22 it was just gross to think about hitting on a man that 55. When I am 55 it will be creepy to even consider a man in his 20's. But here I am, 34, single and flirting with a tech that is 22 and talking dirty to a rep that is 50! It is all just in fun and I would never consider anything with either of them but it is sure a heck of a lot of fun! (They think so too.)


Blogger Anna said...

Maybe a gift certificate for a day at the spa for you mom?

7:30 p.m.  
Blogger Tara said...

Well, I'm getting my mom a nice candy dish for all her pills, and my dad a Dale Earnhart winter hat, so he can drink beer outside in the hot tub all winter. I know. Classy.
My father-in-law likes tickets to see plays, though. Maybe if your folks like the theatre, a gift certificate to a local one might be nice.
I'm here from Michele's!

8:10 p.m.  
Blogger margalit said...

Mmmmm, shortbread.

No advice on gift giving. We don't do Christmas.

Michele sent me.

8:16 p.m.  
Anonymous Lujza said...

It has been incredibly cold, hasn't it? It's supposed to start raining it'll warm then.

10:30 p.m.  
Blogger thequeen said...

Hard to read this post. ANd um er eheh isn't there something missing from the top of your page??????
And weren't we supposed to get on your case if we noticed it missing????


11:03 p.m.  
Blogger wanda said...

Your 34 and you won't even consider a guy who's 22??? Oh hon, you have no idea what you could be missing out on. I could tell you stories! ;)
Age is the least important part of a relationship. Trust me on this one.
And I am NOT even thinking about Christmas yet. Bah humbug.

1:42 p.m.  
Anonymous Bored Barbara said...

Is your cat hungry? Try feeding him right before you go to bed. And watch for other unusual signs. It could be a medical problem. My Buddy does the same routine at night (including nipping my face ouch!)if he's hungry or his blood sugar level has gone too low (he's diabetic and gets insulin twice a day). Not saying your kitty is diabetic, just watch for other behaviour changes if any. But try the late night feeding first.
Flirting is fun - and yes, it is great in the thirties lol I'm past that now, but sometimes miss that phase in my life. Enjoy it!

5:29 p.m.  
Blogger deni said...

Hmm, flirting, it IS fun. I try not to as I am married, but sometimes it just comes out. :)

As for the cat, we keep our bedroom door shut, and mine will claw at the door and cry half the night. Maybe she is just lonely.

Who knows what's in a cat's head? But maybe you should have her checked by the vet, just in case.

2:28 p.m.  
Blogger kenju said...

I have two cats, and one of them does that to me, especially if I move during the night. I just wave her away and go back to sleep.

Michele sent me.

7:16 p.m.  
Blogger Carmi said...

We used to let our cat come under the covers with us. He seemed to calm down and go to sleep when we offered him his own space beside us. I think he liked the warmth.

What a cutie.

8:36 p.m.  
Anonymous Margaret said...

I can totally relate to your cat problem. Our calico was an absolute nuisance during the night, sometimes with the tabby/tortie, too. I'm not sure this will help you, but we finally adjusted the cats' feeding times so that they're fed once in the evening and once before we go to bed. Now we can sleep throught the night! For the most part, anyway...

10:18 a.m.  

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