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Monday, December 26, 2005

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What Norbert thought of Christmas day.


Blogger thequeen said...

Did he come out yet!??

7:43 p.m.  
Blogger wanda said...

I see Norbert and I have something in common.
I hope your day was a good one!

9:30 p.m.  
Anonymous Lujza said...

I love how they hide, but still leave a part of themselves exposed...just in case you really can't find them.

9:33 a.m.  
Blogger Bella said...

Awwwww... the poor thing. Did he get anything?

4:20 p.m.  
Blogger ldjay said...

That is adorable!

4:24 p.m.  
Blogger Christine said...

Awwww! Poor thing!

I'm making my rounds a little late - I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!! (Sorry Norbert - better luck with New Years! ;)

8:49 p.m.  
Blogger ddddddddddddddddddddd said...

Did Norbert come out yet? Shiraz used to hide under the pink recliner too.

Enjoy your holiday girl. Keep smilin' friend.

9:49 p.m.  
Blogger Anna said...

Poor little guy. But really funny:)

1:01 p.m.  
Blogger J.J. said...

Awww...that's too cute!

5:52 p.m.  
Blogger deni said...

That cracks me up, he would get along well with Noodles who found a way to get inside my couch and hides there.

9:25 p.m.  

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