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Sunday, March 04, 2007

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I am feeling better today than yesterday. I am working on the One Day at a a Time principal. Today is my day off so I slept in, got up and had something to eat then went to have a nap! After I got up I did 30 minutes of cardio and now I am back at the computer.

You know what is strange about losing weight for me this time? I think one of the big reasons I am doing so well is it is the only thing I can control right now. I can control what goes into my body and how much I exercise. I am physically feeling better and this week I got rid of two pairs of my "fat pants". I am now at a healthy Body Mass Index. I still have a way to go but I am headed in the right direction. For the first time I am using food in a healthy way to deal with my depression. In the past I would eat anything that was set before me and lots of it. I sometimes still crave the junk but now I have way smaller portions and less often.

I have been called for a job interview but I don't know much about it at this point. It has to be a step up financially and I have to be happy doing it. I am trusting God on this one. I am sure He doesn't want me to be continued to receive the abuse I currently am receiving at my current job.

I am off to read a magazine and see if dinner somehow magically appeared in the oven.


Blogger kelly said...

Congrats on losing the fat pants! I recently took a bunch of fat clothes to Goodwill, but I might live to regret it. I have a feeling that the second I stop breastfeeding, all the weight will come instantly crashing back.

Glad to hear you're feeling better today, and hope you have more days like it.

12:22 a.m.  
Blogger sharon said...

Hey girl, that's really awesome that you unloaded some extra weight. You're inspiring me to do the same. Get your hot little self to the bookstore and get the secret. I've suffered from depression throughout my life, and so have members of my family, so I'm speaking from a position of experience. I'm not saying it makes everything all peachy keen, but it's helped me, my daughter, my mother and my sister see things in a different way. Okay, I won't mention it again. I just really want to pay it forward.

1:23 p.m.  
Blogger Susan said...

Hi Barb,
Glad you are feeling better today.
I suspect that the exhaution you are experienced, related to the heart condition may be contributing to the depression. Please make sure you tell the doctor about all your symptoms, including the depression and fatigue.
Depression is so common. We have had plenty of serious depression in our family and its not something that you can just shake off. or make your mind up to be happy. It is partly situational but also partly chemical.
Your one day at a time phylosophy is a wise step.
Way to go with the weight loss, you have more willpower than me!

6:43 p.m.  

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