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Friday, March 02, 2007

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Not much going on this week. I have been coming up empty when it comes to posts. Nothing in my head. Nada.

I see the specialist on Monday regarding my (always) racing heart. Work still sucks very badly and I am just putting in time. I am sure even the bosses see how little my heart is in the job. I still do my job well and finish all the work that comes before me but I have lost my smile and often end up in the bathroom choking back tears.

I went to the Maple Sugar Festival last Sunday and had a blast. I kind of thought it was going to be a huge drag because well, it is french. I know. I am Canadian and it isn't very patriotic of me but if you are Canadian you might understand. Anyway, it turned out to be a lot of fun and we will be going again next year. It has renewed my faith in French Canadians.

Not much else is going on. I have a sore throat and think I am getting a cold. I don't mind because it gives me an excuse to slow down and sleep.

I have lost 14 pounds now and got rid of two pairs of my fat pants this week. That felt great. People are also commenting on how I look and that is nice too.


Blogger Susan said...

Way to go on the weight loss. I havent even startyed thinking about it yet! Doest it really need to be thought about? Apparntly if you are me, it does!
Sorry you are feeling so blue. But its no wonder with all the things going on with yours and your Moms health. These things can wear you down and zap you of energy. Maybe thats what is getting you down. Good luck with the specialist. My prayers are in for your good health.

10:57 p.m.  

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