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Thursday, August 30, 2007

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BIG *sigh*

I have always had a knack for screwing things up. They are usually minor things and tonight is no exception.

I started waxing my own eyebrows several years ago. I have never had a problem other than not waxing enough. They have always come out just as well or sometimes even nicer than going to an esthetician. It also doesn't hurt as much and it costs next to nothing.

Well tonight, I screwed up. I um...over-waxed an area and now I have three eyebrows. It is awful. One eyebrow has a hunk missing out of it. I now have to walk around like this! I have long bangs and I wear glasses but it is still very noticeable.
I am going to have to draw on the rest of my deleted eyebrow but I don't have an eyebrow pencil. I am going to have to use a brown Sharpie Marker. :(

Monday, August 20, 2007

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A New Post...

I thought I would take the time to post something for the first time in over 2 months. I have been reading your blogs but I have been not doing anything worth posting about.

I am still working at my new job. It is ok. You know. Work's work.

Still seeing John (not his real name). We have been together almost 6 months now. It has gone by so fast and yet it seems we have been together for always. Today he surprised me with a dozen roses. 10 red and one pink and one white. I was wowified.We are both very much in love.

I am remodelling right now and everything is in a huge mess. I mean it. Stuff everywhere. I am hoping to finish painting my bathroom tomorrow but anyone who has ever painted knows it always needs more work and more coats and more touch-ups!

Kidlets are great. Norbert (the cat on the header at the top of my blog) continues his reign of evil. He becomes more evil everyday. He enjoys jumping on my stomach while I sleep and making vain attempts to escape to the outside world. He enjoys attacking feet and darting in front of me in the middle of the night if I get up. His purpose is to kill me. Yes, I may kick him accidentally and hurt him but he feels it is worth it for a greater purpose. He could eat for weeks if he manages to kill me.

The weather has been really bad. The worst summer I ever remember. We have had 3 hot days and that was it. Global warming. It is a scary thought.

With the thought of global warming I have made some small attempts to make my footprint smaller. We are no longer accepting plastic bags at the grocery store. In the USA alone , they are going through one million bags a minute. Those bags will never go away. They will never decompose. We have also stopped using all cleaners with the exception of vinegar, borax, salt, baking soda, lemon juice, washing soda and occasionally ammonia. I don't even use dishwasher detergent anymore. We have been using a mix of half borax and half washing soda. It actually cleans better than any other detergent I have tried. For laundry I use an environmentally friendly soap and also no longer use any shampoo or conditioners that harm the environment. (From a place called the Soap Exchange). In addition we have always recycled everything. There are such small steps but it makes a difference!

My mom is finished chemotherapy and had her first follow-up visit today and had a clear scan. Very good news. She goes back in three months. Praying.

That is all for now. Thanks for stopping by.
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