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Sunday, April 30, 2006

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I love Sunday! I can sleep in, lounge around in my jammies, clean the house (if I choose) at a leisurely pace, get a few loads of laundry in and generally do as I please. I can relax. But the thing that I love most about Sunday is I get the whole day to spend with my kids!
Today the kids and I went for lunch and wandered a locally owned book store. We also roamed around a new pharmacy in town and I bought myself some bubble bath. We played mini-golf and went to A&W for a large frosted glass of root beer. We are now home and I am reading blogs and they are on the couch reading their new books. (Geronimo Stilton and Junie B. Jones) I am making bacon and eggs for supper and taking it easy.
Why can't we get more Sundays in a month? I am sure happy that they happen though!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

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This is too funny not to share. This morning Little Girl came up to me and asked me what a Nancy was. I almost peed myself laughing. Where do kids pick up this stuff?

Friday, April 21, 2006

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Do your kids ever say something that you think is so sweet but nobody else gets? That happened today.
My daughter is a very small and dainty little thing. She is so small that when she was supposed to start kindergarten I kept her back a year in hopes she would catch up to the other kids. She didn't. Even now she is at least 2 inches smaller than the next smallest kid in the class.
She is so tiny that she gets a lot of colds. I sent her to school today and my dad "Papa" picked her up. He then proceeded to take her outside with her brother and made a bonfire and added another room to the treehouse. (That thing is huge but that is another story.) She came home absolutely filthy. Her nose was all snotty and dirt was all over her face, hands and clothes. Her hair had wood chips and marshmallow in it. But she had fun!
Later in the evening the kids and I went out and I looked in the back seat and I saw this poor waif of a child all snuffly with dark circles under her eyes and dirt from head to toe. I made a remark about having a bath when we got home. She looked at me with her big chocolatey eyes and said, "Yah, I'm grubby today". (Came out as "Mm gwubby today".)
Ok, I know it is not funny to you but I laughed because I love this dear little soul so much it hurts. She is so precious and has such a kind and loving heart. She is 8 now and worries about people and animals and wants to help everyone.
I brought her home and gave her a bath and washed her hair. We played with her toys. After she got out and I was helping her dry off she looked at me with her big eyes and told me a bath is so much nicer when I am there with her.
Now how is that for a warm fuzzy?

Thursday, April 13, 2006

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How can I say thank you to each and every comment and prayer left here the last few days? There are no words to express what is in my heart. You are an amazing group of people and I wish I had the chance to know you all personally! Though I have never met any of you I consider you friends and kindred spirits.

So what is happening? My mom went over to the cancer clinic on the mainland after having an MRI that showed positive for cancer in her liver. (Last year it was in her ovaries.) Her oncologist told her that yes, it is cancer but it is slow growing and there are only 3 spots. He told her that for now they will do nothing but wait and see. People can live with cancer in their bodies for years and can live with it and can choose to just have chemotherapy and/or radiation to shrink the tumour. So. It is not the news we wanted to hear but it is certainly better than it could have been. This will be a walk of faith and trust. Loving each day as it was your last and one day at a time. Shouldn't we all be living this way?

Friday, April 07, 2006

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Found out today that my mom's cancer is back.
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