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Monday, January 31, 2005

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I am so tired. I have a wee bit of the flu I think. Work today was insanely busy. I felt a little "off" around 10:00. I thought to myself that I should take a quick run to the bathroom. No can do. I can't even step 2 feet away from my desk and my phone is ringing. So I ummm...hold it. Clients coming in and the phone continues to ring. 10:30. I really have to go relieve myself SOON Phone continues to ring. Nobody to back me up so I can go. Around 11:00 I am dying. I am definitely going to shit my pants. That is when client comes in to office looking for something we don't usually carry. I have to do some research! I sit at my desk searching my computer when I can't stand it anymore. I get the client distracted and bolt to the can. I have never came that close to crapping my pants at work.

In other news. The bitch in the accounting department upstairs pissed me off again. I really don't like this woman. She has been there for 40 million years; longer than the owners. She thinks she can treat everyone like shit. Today she got pissed off at me at, get this... A ONE CENT STAMP! I'm serious. This woman has some issues. I have officially put her on my list.

Barbara's I Don't Like You List

1.Osama bin Laden
2.Mean bitch in accounting

Sunday, January 30, 2005

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I find blogs fascinating. I admit I am addicted. I love posting but even more I love reading. Where else can you read about the daily life of total strangers? I read several bogs. Just a small list is on my blogroll at this point. Some of the bloggers that post live very different lives than I do. In fact, some are living a life that I disagree with. Their views on politics and religion are different from mine. Why do I continue to read? Because I realize that I am ignorant. Just because I don't agree does not make it wrong. (Nor does it necessarily make it right.) It is just different that what I know. I am hoping to step out of the world I live in and gain an understanding of how other people live. Am I wanting to "like" the way other's live? No. I just want to step out of the judgment and learn to love and accept.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

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Kids. Gotta love them. This is what I am hearing right now. They are discussing which one of them made soemthing out of K'NEX.


Boy-W:You are a liar!

Girl-N:No I'm not!

Boy-W:Yes you are!

Girl-N:I'm telling!

*noise of something flying through the air* then *crack*

Girl-N:(crying loudly) Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Boy-W threw someting at me!

Boy-W:I didn't aim at you!

Girl-N:Yes you did!



Boy-W:Yeah well you are a liar!

and on it goes...........

Friday, January 28, 2005

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Ya know what pisses me off? All this bullshit about "Karma" and if you do something bad or unkind it will be returned to you. I just don't buy it.

My (step) dad lost his son to a disease that to this day has not been given a name. He was fine one day and the next morning he woke with a sore throat. By 7:00 that night he had died three times before my dad and his ex-wife decided to let him go. What did he ever do to deserve that? What did a nine year old boy to deserve that?

My (step) dad had always been the kindest and most wonderful man I have ever known. When my biological father left us my mom was about to lose our home because my biological father never paid her alimony or child support. My (step) dad met her and started paying her mortgage! He always treated my brother and me like one of his own. He has always been there to help a neighbor when asked, whether that be landscaping their yard because the neighbor is too old to do it or stopping to give assistance to people stranded on the side of the road. He has given cars away to families that couldn't afford one. A man that is always willing to help a buddy out anyway he can. Never have I heard him complain that a kindness was not returned.

So tell me. Where does "Karma" fit?
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Just when life became a wee bit uninteresting...

Boy-W gets stomach flu. :(
Poor little dude has been up all night throwing-up. I have brought him into the living room to sleep so I can stay up and keep an eye on him. He is sleeping again but he will likely wake up in a few minutes and get sick again.

~~~Just wanted to say thank you again to everyone for their kind comments when I posted about having to put my kitty down. It meant so much and helped this difficult time easier. ((((hugs)))) to all of you!~~~

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

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Today I hung up on a bitchy client. Ha! I have always been so passive but today the bitch went too far. She called and started out being condescending and rude. I had two other clients come in and said to the lady on the phone that I would need to put her on hold for a moment so I could get someone to help the clients who just came in. Bitch on phone said "Oh no your not! I am not going to sit and listen to that music!" I told her it would take less than 10 seconds She said "I am going to count to ten then hang-up...1, 2" When I got back to her she said "5...6... Well that only took you 5 seconds" She made me mad so I hung up on her. I did it quietly so she would think she was "disconnected". I don't have time for being treated like crap by anyone anymore. I seriously would rather be fired than have clients treat me like garbage.

Oh yeah... I am getting really sick of the accountant that works on another floor. I am sick of her little notes to me, always written in CAPITAL letters. THIS WAS NOT POSTED!!! (then post it bitch) DATE?!!! (today bitch) WHY WAS THIS PUT ON ACCOUNT?!!! (because the client asked me to bitch) DID YOU MAIL THE CLIENT A COPY?!!! (yes bitch that is part of my job) She always puts three exclamation points. Never one or two. When she is really pissed she underlines the entire sentence three times.

Other than that I am doing ok!

Monday, January 24, 2005

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I think this is one of the more personal posts I have written. Personal in the fact that I am writing a letter to a cat. In my sane thoughts it seems silly and illogical. In my heart I needed to do this.
I brought Harriet home because I was diagnosed with Post Partum Depression, hence Harriet's real name; Harriet the Post Partum Depression Recovery Cat. My daughter had just been diagnosed with a genetic disease and I needed something that had nothing to do with sickness and fear. I woke up the night before I got her and knew I needed a cat. This may not sound like much but I have never been a cat person. I had never even owned a cat! Something told me to go and get a cat. (Sheesh, even as I read this over I think I am nuts) Anyway, I brought Harriet home because we needed each other. Here is my letter to her over at


When I got you as a young cat of 6 months old I knew fate brought us together. You were meant to be my cat and I was meant to be your human.
I woke up the night before I got you and knew I had to get a calico cat. When I walked into the SPCA you stood up and meowed at me. I picked you up; you put your head on my shoulder and started to purr. I walked out with you in my arms; I didn't even look at any other cats. We were supposed to be together. I am sure of this, as I am sure my kids were meant to be mine.
I brought you home and you were so sick but you were pure love from the start. I never knew a cat that would be so gentle, loving and patient. All you did was give love. You never minded a crazy 4-year-old boy chasing you around the house or a 3-year-old girl that carted you around, your legs dangling. You taught us all about creatures that are smaller than us. You taught us about unconditional love. You taught us how top be gentle and caring.
I am going to miss you so much Harriet. It is quiet around here without your big 'ol bell ding-a-linging away. I want so bad to go into my bedroom and see you waiting for me near my pillow. You would come under the blankets and purr you beautiful purr while I fall asleep.
I don't know why your life here on earth had to be so short. I never considered for a moment that you wouldn't be here for at least 15 years. You were only 6. It doesn't seem fair that you are gone. We need you.
If you get lonely for us know that we are thinking of you. Nana is in heaven and she will take care of you. Please tell her I miss her. The kids do too.
Harriet I am sorry I couldn't spend the money to make you well again. I just didn't have it. I feel very guilty. I don't want you to be mad at me or think it was because I didn't want you. I am angry with the vet because it seems they are just out to make money. Anyway, I love you and hope you can understand why I chose what I had to do. I knew you were in a lot of pain too and I didn't want you to go through all those awful tests. Harriet you were my first pet that I loved so intensely and deeply. You were a wonderful cat. I love you. Rest well my beautiful calico girl.

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Thank you to all of you that have left comments about Harriet. I came home from work today and it was so strange not having her at the door. She always met me at the door. I said hi and asked her how she was doing anyway. :(

Saturday, January 22, 2005

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I had to put Harriet (our cat) down today. She had been sick for a couple of day and when I came home from work she couldn't stand up. She was only 6 so it was very sudden and unexpected.

Friday, January 21, 2005

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Bypass reading this post. It is just a one long whine session.

I think this is the longest of run rotten days I have had in a long time. My cat is very sick and the vet doesn't know what is wrong. I don't have the money for tests. She will not eat or drink so I have to force warm kitty mash down her throat every hour so I am not sleeping. My car is broken. The transmission is gone and I have no money to get it fixed. My ex is not paying child support. Everyone is on me about this which doesn't help. They say I should not let him see the kids if he won't pay. I can't do this. This is only hurting the kids. They love their dad.
My place is a mess. I have no energy for housework. Work sucks and I am tired of having Friday and Sunday's off. I want two days off in a row!! I have been doing this crappy shift for 7 months now and I keep getting promised that I will get two off together soon but it never happens.
I get called every single day about my student loan. I owe $14, 000. I can't afford to pay them either. The list goes on. Everything is shitty right now. I have eliminated everything from my life in order to just make ends meet. The only "extra" I have is the internet.
I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face hoping the kids don't see me. I feel like I am on the edge of a breakdown but I can't do that. I have a mortgage and bills to pay.
I am tired.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

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What is it that triggers grief after several months of the death of a loved one. A few weeks back I was thinking that I had moved on but the last few days have proven that I haven't moved on. It has been 8 months. I know it takes longer than that.

I put the picture of the Sweet Peas up on the top of my blog for her. She always had them in her garden and I would go home with handfuls of them wrapped in wet paper towel and plastic wrap. She was also the type of grandma that you could talk about anything with. Nana was my "cool" grandparent. I could talk with her about s#x! She smoked (the reason she died) and painted her fingernails bright red. In her livingroom was a very old cuckoo clock. When the grandkids came over she would spend the first 30 minutes turning the hands to making it cuckoo. Never did she tire of it and of course neither did we. When I brought my new-born son to her place the first thing she did was make the cuckoo clock cuckoo. It was a favourite of both my kids and she was dubbed "Nana Cuckoo Clock". She was referred to this at her memorial service.
I remember her once telling me that she wanted to try fresh lobster. Picking one out was an easy task but while walking home from the grocery store she could her it crinkling around in the bag. After arriving home she put it in the kitchen sink because she felt bad about keeping it in the bag. The water was put on to boil and the lobster started clanking around inside the kitchen sink. Guilt caused her to flee the kitchen but no matter where she went she could hear that lobster trying to escape the sink. If she could have she would have set it free in the ocean.

I miss her. So much.

After Glow
I'd like the memory of me
to be a happy one.
I'd like to leave an after glow
of smiles when life is done.
I'd like to leave an echo
whispering softly down the ways,
Of happy times and laughing times
and bright and sunny days.
I'd like the tears of those who grieve,
to dry before the sun
of happy memories
that I leave when life is done.

She lived up to that and then some...

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

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I slept very well last night so my mood is much improved since yesterday. Amazing what a day can make. Not much to say today. I really don't like one of my co-workers. He is from a different country where I am guessing women are treated like shit. I don't care if he was raised and taught that women are inferior. YOU ARE IN CANADA NOW! Here women are not here to do your bidding. I got fed up and spoke to the manager about the situation. Apparently I am not the first to have this problem with him. Normally I would act as a grown-up and confront a co-worker on a problem but I have learned that chauvinist men are best left alone. I feel this man has the potential for violence and is best left alone.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

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I guess I have PMS because my bad mood continued today. This morning work was so crappy. I was almost in tears at one point but managed to pull it together.
Crying at work = Not a good thing.
After lunch the day improved somewhat. Blah.Blah.Blah.

Last night was difficult too. I was reading a story where the grandfather died and I started missing my Nana and then I started crying. I miss my Nana so much. It has been 8 months since she died and I have not got to that place of having happy memories yet. They are still just deep longing to see her and get a hug from her. A longing to sit with her and talk about anything that comes to mind. I guess I haven't really accepted that she is gone yet. I know she is dead but it is as if I can call her she will pick up the phone. As my blog says, sane people don't think this way.

One thing I am learning is that when I have day's such as this I need not fight it. We are always told to keep our chin up, don't worry be happy and things could be worse. Then I start feeling bad about having a bad day! I then try to be happy but inside I feel sad. I am learning that we don't always have to feel better. We all have bad days and they are just that. Bad days. It is ok to feel sad. It is ok to feel lousy. It is ok to want to crawl back to bed. I have found that since I have come to this realization and just be where I am at and not try to fight it I am more content. No, the bad day does not go away but the guilt does.

That is all. I need to go make supper. Stew. Boring stew.

Monday, January 17, 2005

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I woke up in a bad mood today. Was late for work because I no longer have a car and have to rely on someone else to get me there. I get to work and the same annoying lady phoned four times before 9:30! I will spare you the details of a crappy day at work...

I get home and surf a few blogs and realize I am jealous. I am jealous of the SAHM's. I miss being at home and not having to rush myself and my kids out the door each morning. I miss being able to help in their classrooms. I want to be able to do laundry during the day and not having to throw a load in the dryer when I get up to go to the bathroom at 3 a.m. I am tired of being tired after work and not having the energy to play with them. I am angry with my ex for not paying child support.

I am also jealous of all the mom's out there with babies, toddlers and preschoolers. I want another baby but I doubt it will ever happen.

One last note. I came across a blog where a woman called herself many things like daughter, friend, sister etc. Among the list was "unlesbian". WTF is that? Was she a lesbian and is not now? (Is that possible?) Is she a lesbian and is choosing not to be s#xually active as a lesbian. Is she straight and worried that people will think she is a lesbian? What on earth does she mean!? If anyone has any ideas please post a comment.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

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Back to work tomorrow. I have done my Sunday ritual of changing the bed sheets on my bed, having a hot bath and putting on clean flannel pajamas. I got them out of the dryer so they are all warm and cozy. Ahhhhhh...

I need to post about something that has really bothered me. My cousin recently left her husband. They have one child together. (Taylor-8) The guy is conceited and just plain "creepy". He is one of those people that will just stare at you and not look away when you catch him staring. Anyway...My cousin left her husband and my mom is talking with my Aunt to see how Taylor is doing. My Aunt tells my mom that "She is fine with it!". This is what bothers me. No child is ever fine with separation and divorce. Ever. As much as I and most of the city thinks her dad is a freaking idiot it is still her dad and she loves him. She is not "fine". I am worried about her because I think she needs to get into a group like Rainbows. I have 2 children and I am a mom going through a divorce. I know each and every child deserves to grieve a loss such as this unhindered without adults saying that they are fine. My kids have gone through Rainbows twice and each of them has had individual counseling. I have read them books like Dinosaur's Divorce and they are still grieving the loss of a full time dad.

I can hear Harriet lurking. I have to keep a very large bell on her neck so I always know here whereabouts. Last night I got back at her over the cat food incident. (See January 13th post) I kept the door open that leads outside. (She is not allowed outside) She made a run for it but to her dismay there was snow on the ground. You can see little paw prints that go for about 2 feet than promptly turn around again. She wouldn't speak to me today.

Human 1 ~ Cat 1

Saturday, January 15, 2005

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~The bird will not chirp. I think it hates living here . Yesterday on my day off I went to have a nap and I closed my bedroom door. I awoke to the bird chirp, chirp, chirping away. I think he thought I wasn't here and that is why he was singing. He won't chirp when I am here. What's up with that?

~I was looking forward to a nice quiet day at work today but the manager showed up so I had to actually get off my ass and do something. I had a nice day of doing nothing planned. Harrumph.

~It is snowing here again. Typical Vancouver Island snow weather. Pizza Hut closed down because of the "deep" snow we are expecting (10 - 15 cm). We would call in the army...if we had one.

~I ordered pizza from Little Ceasar's and they forgot the 2 orders of Crazy Bread. I phoned the place and do you know what he said they can do for me?

Pizza Guy- "I can take your name and next time you order you will get free Crazy Bread".

Me - "You mean you will give me the Crazy Bread I paid for this time?"

Pizza Guy - "Ummm"

Me- "So I have to order again to get my Crazy Bread that I already paid for?"

Pizza Guy - "Ummm...Yeah"

So in essence I have to place and order for pizza (spend $30) to get something I paid for already in the first place! Sheesh!

I don't want to make a big deal about this because there is a "snow warning if effect" but shouldn't I actually get something for free? I think so.

Oh well. I won't make a big deal about it. Just a bunch of kids trying to pay their way through school.

~It is time to get in my jammies and prepare for the blizzard.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

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Evil Cat Harriet. I have made her more nasty than she already was. I gave her some tinned cat food for Christmas and now every time I even look like I am going to go to the kitchen she won't let me walk because she wants the tinned cat food instead of her dry cereal kind. She mews and mews and mews until I either have to give her the damn stuff or leave the kitchen. I think she is plotting my assassination because she runs in and out of my legs trying to trip me up. I can tell by the look in her eyes that she is not pleased about dry cereal cat food. I am going to have to give her the tinned stuff because if I don't she may try to suck my breath when I sleep. Damn.

Cat-1 ~ Human-0
Excerpts From A Dog's Diary

Day number 181
Day number 182
1:30 pm - ooooooo. bath. bummer.
Excerpts From A Cat's Diary

Day 752 - My captors continue to taunt me with bizarre little dangling objects. They dine lavishly on fresh meat, while I am forced to eat dry cereal. The only thing that keeps me going is the hope of escape, and the mild satisfaction I get from ruining the occasional piece of furniture. Tomorrow I may eat another houseplant.

Day 761 - Today my attempt to kill my captors by weaving around their feet while they were walking almost succeeded, must try this at the top of the stairs. In an attempt to disgust and repulse these vile oppressors, I once again induced myself to vomit on their favorite chair...must try this on their bed.

DAY 765 - Decapitated a mouse and brought them the headless body, in attempt to make them aware of what I am capable of, and to try to strike fear into their hearts. They only cooed and condescended about what a good little cat I was...Hmmm. Not working according to plan.

DAY 768 - I am finally aware of how sadistic they are. For no good reason I was chosen for the water torture. This time however it includeda burning foamy chemical called "shampoo." What sick minds could invent such a liquid. My only consolation is the piece of thumb still stuck between my teeth.

DAY 771 - There was some sort of gathering of their accomplices. I was placed in solitary throughout the event. However, I could hear the noise and smell the foul odor of the glass tubes they call "beer". Moreimportantly I overheard that my confinement was due to MY power of "allergies." Must learn what this is and how to use it to my advantage.

DAY 774 - I am convinced the other captives are flunkies and maybe snitches. The dog is routinely released and seems more than happy to return. He is obviously a half-wit. The bird on the other hand has got to be an informant, and speaks with them regularly. I am certain he reports my every move. Due to his current placement in the metal room his safety is assured.
But I can wait, it is only a matter of time...

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

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Slept in this morning. It is a good thing I can get ready really fast because I had 30 minutes to get ready and get to work. I made it with 3 minutes to spare!. Yes, I looked a little off today but who cares? It's work! Most of my clients are old and either don't care or are nearly blind. Today was a slow day because the snow freaks people out here (myself included) so they don't drive in it.
I am without a car right now. Even though it is old (16 years) it is my old car and I love it. It is a Mazda 626. Up until a week ago I hadn't any problems with it other than regular maintenance stuff. Last week it just quit! I could turn it on but it wouldn't move at all. The "hold" light was flashing. It is now in the shop being fixed. This bugs me because I have always done work on my car myself. I am wondering how much this will run me.
That is all.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

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I have a question.

My seven year old daughter is still grieving the death of her great-grandmother. She wakes up crying at least once a week. I have read her different books from the library (Dinosaur's Die, Where is Heaven, What Happens When You Die etc). We have talked about it lots and lots but she still continues to grieve. I won't go into all the other things I have done to help her cope and understand but I am very interested in any suggestions others have on what we could do. I do realize that grieving is a process and it takes time (it has been 8 months) , but I am getting worried.
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More Questions I do Not Have the Answer To:

1. Where are my slippers?
2. Why am I so tired all the time?
3. How long does it take to teach a budgie to talk? I have said "pretty bird" about 800 times and nothing!
4. Can Boy-W come clean by just sitting in the bath or does he actually need soap? (I do know the answer to that but I thought I would mention it because I have to tell him every single time he has a bath that yes indeed, he needs soap.

I am starting to realize that my posts lack interest. The problem is that I am the first to admit my life is not interesting. This is what I do everyday.

1. 6:45- Alarm goes off. I hit the snooze button.
2. Get up. Wake kids. Get ready. Get kids ready.
3.8:00-Leave house. Drop kids off at school. Drive to work.
4.8:30-Start work.
5.4:30-Get off work. Drive home.
6.5:00-Make supper. Laundry. Tidy house.
7.6:00-Eat supper.
8.6:30-8:00 Clean up supper. Do homework. Bath kids. Make school and work lunches.
9.8:00-Read kids a story. Kids to bed. I have a bath. Get into bed myself. Read until I fall asleep.

That's it reader's. Nothing ever interesting happens. On my day's off I clean the house, get groceries, pay bills, talk to my mom on the phone etc.

Friday, January 07, 2005

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It ended up being an official snow day anyway so I don't need to feel the guilt of not driving my kids to school. They are bickering a lot today. I think I am going to go crawl into bed, put on my electric blanket and read a book.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

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Almost 34. Why, why, why am I still getting acne? I had gone several months with a lovely glowing complexion them yesterday. Zit! Zit! Zit! Zit! Perhaps it is the cold weather. Or maybe it is the antibiotics I am on. It could be all the crap I ate in the month of December. Whatever it is I have the complexion of a school-girl. Unfortunately I don't have the ass and tit's of one.

I think I am going to subscribe to National Geographic magazine. I am sure people will think I am edjicated if I do. I will have it on the coffee table when people come to visit and I can discuss how my breasts are much saggier than the lady on page 163.


My son's class is reading "One Hundred Dresses" by Eleanor Estes. It is a lovely story of a young girl from Poland who wears the same blue faded dress everyday to school. She is teased because she lives in poverty. She tells the bullies that she has one hundred dresses at home and they torment her further. The story does not end as one would expect. A definite must read that teaches children about bullies, victims and those that stand by.

I have decided that tomorrow will be a "snow day"for the kids. It is supposed to snow up 25 cm and I am not going out. Why?

1. I can't drive in snow.
2.Nobody else in this city can drive in snow.

A good day to sleep in and drink hot chocolate.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

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Back at work today. *sigh* (Sigh-not given because of dislike for place of employment but for general malaise and melancholy mood I am feeling). Very busy day at work. Phone only rang 500 times. I had to leave work unfinished at day end; something I never do. At this point I am too tired to make supper but I haven't a choice in the matter. So what will it be? Cereal? Toast? Eggs?

I forgot to say we have a new addition to the family. A budgie brought via the North Pole. His name is Jingles.

He is sitting on my monitor and making this cheeping sound. He is very small and cute.
Now living in a 985 sq. foot condo. Me, Boy-W, Girl-N, Harriet the cat, Thunder the gerbil, a frog with no name and Jingles the budgie. is here most of the time too. Most think I am nuts to have this many pets. I think they are. Pets make a home and my kids love them. And frankly, so do I.

Monday, January 03, 2005

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It feels nice to be blogging again. My blogging/journaling goes in ebbs and flows. I have been working so much that I just haven't had time but I do feel this is a very important part of my day because I can keep track of what I have been up to. Not that I am ever up to much.
Took down the tree today. A job I usually do on my own but I had help from and the kids. It was a very nice treat. The living room is almost back in order. I still need to take the boxes to storage. Funny how I look so forward to decorating the tree every year but when the time comes to take it down I am so glad to see it go! My living area is so tiny and the tree takes up so much of my space.

Anyway, blah, blah, blah. Went grocery shopping. Watched Yours, Mine and Ours with Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda. Did laundry. Made supper. That's it. Hmmm...I see why I stopped blogging. Nothing to write about.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

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I'm back! I missed this blog. I missed my ladybugs. So here is the first entry for 2005...

I am so glad the madness of December is over. I, believing in living the simple life, do not care for the insanity that prevails every December. I keep the commercialism that hits us the day after Halloween at bay. However, it is difficult to keep the exhaustion away that hits every year at this time. On December 23, I came down with Laryngitis. It was so severe I was having difficulty breathing. I managed to make it into work on December 24th because I know my boss would never in a million years believe an employee could actually fall sick on December 24th. The hitch is I work in reception in a medical type office. The phone rings about 200 times a day. I don't need to explain further how that went. Fortunately for me my lovely motherly co-worker had compassion on me and told me not to answer the phone. Instead I did data entry and was dismissed early to go home and rest.Anyway, I digress. What was I getting at anyway? I had a point I am sure. Oh yes, exhaustion. With the exhaustion I became ill. The Laryngitis turned into a wicked sore throat/cold. finally forced me to go to the drop-in clinic on New Years day. A throat infection and Bronchitis. Yay. I now sit here when my germ-ridden body should be in bed. I have no philosophical thoughts. I have no words of wisdom. I just feel that empty feeling I get after every Christmas. The kids are going back to school tomorrow and I miss them already. I will take down the tree tomorrow too. Sigh...Seeing as I had a point to this but can't seem to know what it was I bid you all good night and Happy New Year.
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