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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

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He won! Boy-W won first prize for his Science Project on Praying Mantises! He is so excited he is almost bouncing off the walls. I am so proud of him! He worked so hard and learned a lot. I will post some pictures in the next day or two.
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Didn't get the job for the first interview but I wasn't surprised. I will find out about the second interview on Friday. I don't know yet if I want to do this job as it is a boy with Tourette's/ADHD/Oppositional Defiance Disorder. He is bigger than I am so I am a little nervous. He is a nice kid and has a good heart but I don't know if I have the patience.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

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They are officially out. For me, the goal in the final 6 seconds in period 3 was the single most exciting moment in hockey. I thought they were finished and Matt Cooke came out of nowhere and the game went into overtime. I thought the Canucks had it for sure.
This morning I get in my car and I noticed a lot less flags on cars than yesterday. I consider these people sellouts! You love and support your team or you don't. I refuse to take my flags off my car. I love the Canucks. I always will.
Alex Auld was amazing and I look forward to seeing where his career goes over the next few years.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

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I have a job interview tomorrow morning and I am scared! I have been a SAHM for 8 years with the exception of two part time jobs in that time. A lady I know thought I would like the job and heard of an opening and asked me if she could submit my resume. I never thought they would even call me because I am not at all qualified for the job. My qualifications are in early childhood education and nursing and this job is data entry, secretarial and administration. I am sitting here trying to figure out why on earth they called me.
The lady called me for the interview Friday afternoon and told me my interview was at 7:45 am! What kind of interview is that early in the morning? I had no clothes appropriate for that type of interview so I went to a second-hand store and bought some clothes that I feel very weird in. Anyway, I have got myself all in a state and I feel like crying. When I get really stressed I cry. What it comes down to is inadequacy. When I decided to stay home with my kids I gave up the career path. I see women who have stayed on that path and they have it so together whereas I am just a frumpy mom. It will be hard to sit there and have nothing to say to her when she asks me my qualifications.
I did some research on the company. Score one point there. Apparently interviewers like that. The clothes I bought look very nice and I look like I have it together. This sucks. I should have just said no.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

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Found this at another blog. Freaking creepy and weird!

Friday, April 16, 2004

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As promised earlier today I am adding to the list of things that piss me off. I believe this one tops them all and no more needs to be added to the list today. This sicko is a self-professed pedophile. He has admitted he cannot be helped and he said he would go on to doing more grossly indecent acts. Three days ago he was released on a technicality. The technicality? The teen that he drugged, raped and sodomized committed suicide and was not able to testify. Something is wrong when a person like this is allowed to be free. HE ADMITS HE WILL DO IT AGAIN! This pisses me off that he is out! What the fvck is wrong when lawyers defend him and judges and allow him to go free?
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The Praying Mantis experiment is failing and I feel it is my job as a mother to prevent it. Boy-W will be heartbroken. :-(
The fruit flies have failed to breed. What's up with that? Any other time I leave an apple on the counter overnight and there will be a million of them flying around. I purposely put food out for them and not a one. So...
I needed to come up with something else to feed them because they are eating each other and we are down to about 30. A more manageable number than the 200 but the cannibalism needs to stop. Decided to introduce raw ground beef. They went nuts for it. I tell you, the things we do as parents to keep our kids happy is downright silly sometimes.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

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It is that time of the month and I am in a cranky mood so today I bring you...

Things That Piss Me Off!
1. People that tailgate when I am already going 10 K over the speed limit.
2. The bitch that phones me about once a month to tell me I am in "sin" because I divorced my husband.
3. My carpet.
4. Having to use my arm to signal because my fucking signal is still not fixed.
5. My ex-sister-in-law. The gossipy scrag.
6. My son's teacher this year.
7. The mall.
8. Overdue charges at the library.
9. When I go to buy groceries and it says NSF on the interac machine.
10. The asshole that lives in my building that has nothing better to do all day but sit at his window and be the "strata police".
11. My ex-boyfriend. The fucking alcoholic, user shit face. He was so mean to me. I am more pissed off with myself for accepting his shit and not seeing that I deserved better sooner.
12. When my mother calls at 8:00 on a Saturday.
13. Phone bill, hydro bill and cable bill.
14. Pens that are dry.
15. Pencils that are broken.
16. Acne and wrinkles at the same time.
17. Mean people.
18. People that are greedy and will do whatever it takes to get ahead.
19. Cramps, gas, bloating fatigue and this generally pissed off mood!
20. My ex-husband.
21. People that are always late.
22. Paper. There is paper all over my place. Paper from phone bills to school notices. Send me a fucking e mail!
23. Bitchy sales people.
24. People that play their car stereos so load my windows vibrate. It hurts my ears asshole! I don't think you must have a big cock because your stereo is loud Mr. Compensatingforsomething.
25. Laundry.
26 Dirty dishes.
27. My broken dishwasher that will cost $50.00 to have someone just come and look at it. Fuck you asshole!
28. People that are always happy. Go to hell and take your smiley fucking face with you!
29. The cost of tampons.
30. My former dog.
31. The smell of rotting fish when I go for a walk at the beach.
32. Insurance companies that rip people off. To hell they are here to help people. They are not a public service! They are making a lot of money off of people's bad luck or they would not stay in business.
33. Being told the other day that I can no longer get ink for my printer. The printer is only 3 years old and the cartridge is discontinued.
34. The price of a Canucks jersey. ($85)
35. The cost of prescription glasses.
36. The bitch at my bank that never smiles.
37. Not finding a parking spot.
38. The mail-carrier that drives super fast.
39. The fact that my children can not play outside by themselves because there are so many fucking weirdos around.
40. Pedophiles.
41. Judges that let pedophiles with repeated offences out to do it again to another child.
42. The asshole step-fathers that molested two of my friends as teenagers.
43. Their mothers that stayed with them.
44. Dust.
45. Jerry Springer and his trashy show. (No I don't watch it but it is on every time I flip around the channels.)
46. Perfume samples in magazines that smell so bad my eyes hurt.
47. People that slow down almost to a stop while turning a corner.
48. The speed bump at the grocery store. It is so high my car bottoms out no matter how slow I go.
49. Public restrooms. I am a germ-o-phob and I hate having to touch things like the taps and door handles.
50. The fact that I am in such a bad mood that I came up with 50 things to be pissed off about. Fuck. I am going back to bed.

(I will add to this list as the day goes on. I know there are a lot more things that piss me off but I can't think of right now.)

51. When my son (bless his heart) pisses on the toilet seat and I sit in it.
52. The cat's litter box. (Query-Why is it called a litter of kittens and a litter box?)
53. No storage space for all my shit.
54. The cost of gas. (We were at 89.9 cents a litre last week)
55. The cost of milk.
56. People that count the items of groceries in express lines. So what if I have 12 items instead of 10! I am sorry it took an extra 5 seconds of you precious time for the cashier to run them through you loser.
57. The train engineer that blows its whistle all the way up the fucking track.
58. Spell checks that say I am spelling words like centre, litre and harbour wrong.
59. Math.
60. The millions of rocks that fall out of my kids shoes when they go to the playground. You know those tiny ones that are used under the swings and slides?
61. McDonald's for discontinuing their hot mustard sauce.
62. Recycling that falls all over the floor when I open a cupboard.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

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Kids back at school. I miss them.
Today I went into the school and was trying to hurry Boy-W along. He was not doing what I asked him to so I said "Boy-W, I need you to listen to me and get your coat on". His teacher was behind me and say's in a really sarcastic voice "Boy-W and listening, what a concept". Bitch. Yes, my son doesn't always listen and gets carried away like any child but if anything he is too obedient. He never tries to question authority. He is a pleaser and doesn't ever make waves. His teacher pisses me off. Whenever I bring my kids out I am told over and over that I have such nice well-behaved kids. They always say please and thank you. They don't run around stores like maniacs. They are very polite and respectful. It makes me so angry that she say's shit like that! I know he heard her and his feelings were hurt because he tries so hard to please her. I never thought I would do this as a parent but I have told Boy-W to just ignore her nasty comments and do what he feels is right. I trust both my kids enough to know what they want and to do the right thing. I believe I am giving them a sense of self by doing this. He doesn't need her opinion of him. Anyway, I have gone off on a tangent but as a parent I think I am entitled. As for his bltch teacher, she can fvck right off. (but I wont tell Boy-W that).
Question for parents- Does anyone ever miss their kids so much it hurts? When mine aren't around I feel like part of me is missing. Even if they are just at school I count the hours until I can go pick them up. Am I just a nutcase or do any of you feel like this?
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The game last night was too painful to watch. I turned it off when the score was 3 -0 and went to bed. Woke this morning to discover Calgary scored one more goal. Series tied 2 - 2

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

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We have been so busy lately. The kids are still on Spring Break so I have been trying to keep them busy. Yesterday we went up Island and got to see the Snowbirds. I find them fascinating. They go 750 km/hour and still manage perfect formation.
I spent the entire long weekend with in. The kids were with their dad all through Easter. I missed them a lot! When they came home the Easter Bunny had been here so they ran around madly collecting eggs that they didn't eat because they do not like chocolate. The Easter Bunny knows this so he brought them a toy each.
They Praying Mantises were born this weekend so we are now the owners of approximately 200 of these little guys. I am now trying to breed fruit flies to feed them. (Do you see now why I call this "My Insanity Written in a Blog"? What sane person would be trying to breed fruit flies in her kitchen?)
And everyday I fall more in love with Kin. Everyday I see something more about him to love. Yesterday it came to me that he always waits for me to get in his truck before getting in himself. I was putting Girl-N in her carseat yesterday and after I shut the door I realized that Kin was still standing there in the rain. Then it hit me that he always waits for me. It is these small seemingly insignificant things that he does that make my heart well up and realize that I am the luckiest woman in the world. I have never felt so loved and cared for by someone before. I am going to marry this man.
The damn signal on my car is all screwed up. When I turn right it does the normal tick tick tick tick. When I turn left it goes ticktickticktickticktickticktick. I checked and neither the left front or back is blinking but the right side is. I thought it was a bulb burnt out so I replaced them. Still not working. Checked every damn fuse in the car since my owner’s manual failed to note where the signal fuse was. Finally found it and took it to get a replacement where the kid behind the counter assured me that wasn't the piece and talked me into a different one. Bought that. Didn't work. Finally gave up in defeat because it was getting late and I was frustrated and dirty. Will continue my attempts to fix it today. I think I will change the oil too. It has been too long since the last one. Probably should check the filters and fluids too. My brakes are also squeaking. It could use a vacuum and I definitely need to wash the windows. I could pick up the juice boxes, rotten apples and pudding cups. But then I think to myself "What is the point?" My angels will get in and see it is clean and will conspire to get it just as dirty within 72 hours. The same thing happens with the kitchen floor. I wash it and an hour later one of them "accidentally" drops orange juice or Jell-O all over it. To further add to the devilish plan they do not tell me until it is dry.
Even though they drive me batty at times I am going to miss them because Spring Break is over tomorrow and they will be back in school. I don't like it when they are gone. I like having my chickadees close by.

Monday, April 12, 2004

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Whoooo hooooo!
Canucks 2, Flames 1 (And they are doing it without Betuzzi!)

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

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To the tune of "Skip To My Lou"

Ants on the apple
a, a, a
Ants on the apple
a, a, a
Ants on the apple
a, a, a
A is the sound of A

The rest of the song follows the same way

Bears bouncing balls
Caterpillars coughing
Dinosaurs dancing
Elephants entering
Flies flying
Gorillas in gloves
Helicopters hovering
Inuits in igloos
Jellybeans jumping
King kicks the kettle
Lions licking lollipops
Monkeys munching
Nuts in a nutshell
Octopus on olives
Popcorn popping
Queens quilting quietly
Rockets racing
Sausages sizzling
Trumpets tooting
Under the umbrella
Vicky plays the violin
Walking in the winter
Ox on a box
Yaks are yawning
Zippers zipping

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

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Yay! I actually slept more than four hours last night! Life will be good today.

I was just going through my favourites and I have come to the conclusion that I am reading a lot of other people's blog's. The one's over there <----are just some of them. I think I need to cut back but if I don't my fix of other people's lives I feel all empty inside. Well ok, not empty. I think this is just a healthy way to be my nosy self.

Went to the park with the kids yesterday. Took about a million pictures. I was hoping to get some good ones that I could frame and give as Christmas gifts. I know it is really early to be thinking about that but it was a really beautiful day yesterday. It got up to be 15 C. That is around 60 F I think.

Today the kids are very excited that we are going to go to the beach and get rocks to paint. Afterwards I will spray them with shellac and the kids will do who knows what with them. I am sure they will want to give them away to the Grandparents who will undoubtedly think they are masterpieces.

One last note. The spell check on this thing is terrible. I had missed the t in "undoubtedly" and the spell check didn't pick it up. I have noticed it with other words in the past. I am trying to lighten up on my need to spell words correctly issue but I am failing.

One more last note. After proof-reading this I see that my life is not very exciting. sigh

Sunday, April 04, 2004

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Anyone else have those days when you have nothing to write in your blog? I haven't done a thing in the last few days. Well that is not entirely true. One of the pet frogs died while the kids were at their Dad's and now I have to tell them when they get home. I wonder what would happen if I did not say anything? How long would it take them to notice? Several years back I was a caregiver for a boy with CP. His cat got hit by a car and instead of telling him the parents decided not to say anything and told me not to either. The dad buried the cat in the backyard. End of story? No. About a week later he comes up to me and asks where the cat was. I had no idea what to say and I didn't want to lie so I said "I think she is in the backyard". Good answer huh?
I won't not tell my kids. I figure the reason so many of us are scared shitless of death is it has always been so taboo. I remember when my Grandpa died. I was about 10. Everybody talked in hushed tones and cried. It scared me and made me very sad. Back then parents thought that children couldn't handle funerals. At 10 I didn't quite understand the concept of death but if I had been allowed to talk about him dying and allowed to go to the funeral I believe it wouldn't have been so awful.
I understand that a frog is nothing close to a grandparent dying but I think kids deserve the truth. I am not saying that children should be allowed to go to funerals either. I think it is a case by case decision. I just think death should be openly talked about because it scares kids when it is not.
That leads me to my next bit of my boring life. When I first got married I lived in a funeral home. I shit you not! My (now ex) husband was working there and the director wanted someone to live there to do the "pick-ups". It was a very nice place to be honest. It had a view of the harbour and the rent was free. (A note of interest- I am looking at these pictures trying to decide which ones to post because they are all so beautiful. I love the ocean and the mountains. I live in paradise.) It was not a bad experience at all but having to go downstairs to do laundry was freaking terrifying. The building was very old and was heated by those old radiators where you could turn a knob to release the steam. Nobody ever did this so at any given time you would hear a low muffled grrooooooan. Holy shit! I knew what it was but I just could not stay down there with dead bodies 20 feet away in the next room. I would dump the soap in, stuff the laundry in, turn the machine on and RUN! I really did. I would run up the stairs convinced something was going to get me! Eventually it got to be too much for me and I started going to the laundromat.

Friday, April 02, 2004

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I am really not a man basher but this was just too damn funny!

a little joke
For all those men who say, "why buy the cow when you
can get the milk for free",
here's an update for you:
Nowadays 80% of women are against marriage. Why?
Because women realize it's not worth buying an entire pig,
just to get a little sausage.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

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Starting today the kids are home for Spring Break. Yahoo! I love it when they are here. I hear so many parents saying that they can't stand it but I just love having them here to hang out with. I am going to plan a bunch of mini day-trips over the next 2 weeks. We can also work on a bunch of crafts that they have been asking me to do with them, such as papier-mache snakes.
came over last night. I had been feeling very nauseated all afternoon and I was just not up to driving to his place. It is only a 3-minute drive but I could barely stand up. He came over and I was already in bed. He lay down with me and I fell asleep. Strangely enough, before I fell asleep I was getting all turned on having him beside me. How is it that one can be so sick she can't move but still be thinking about and wanting s#x? Maybe it is just me with my whole woman at 30 something and horny 24/7. I don't know. Anyway, we didn't have s#x because I fell asleep. I woke up several hours later and he was still here just watching TV.
Have I mentioned the last while how much I love him? Have I said that every time we are together I fall in love with him a little more? I have never had a man treat me as he does. All these little things like going to get me ginger ale and helping to build the Praying Mantis aquarium mean so much. I knew within a week of meeting hat he was the one for me. I knew I was going to marry him. I thought that sort of thing only happened in movies! He is at work right now and I miss him! I miss him as soon as he goes out the door. Sometimes when we are lying in bed and he looks at me I have to look away because the feelings I have for him are so intense. I have had that crazy feeling of thinking I was in love with men before. You know when you walk around and can think of nothing else but "him" and you feel so fantastic? I have that with but for the first time a deep feeling of contentment. He calls to say he is coming over and I don't run to the bathroom to put make-up on. I can be myself and he loves me with all my flaws. And trust me, there are a lot of them. The panic attack in the mall last week was tame to some of the things I do and think about. He knew from the beginning I was on anti-depressants, something I would never have told any of the other men I dated. He knows I have abandonment issues and my feelings get hurt easily over silly things. With all this he still loves me. We had a discussion the other day about why some relationships work and others don't and we talked about how it is easy to love the things that are lovable about a person. It comes down to the crunch when you can live with and still love your partner through their flaws, weaknesses and the aggravating things they do. If you can love someone through that I believe that is where the strength lies.
Anyway, Girl-N just woke up and wants to snuggle so I am off. Have a fantastic day everyone!
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